Editing Units

A Tutorial for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

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All possible codes to edit units

-Step 1. Open rules.ini
-Step 2. Search for the unit you want to edit, We are gonna edit a GI this for time. The name of the unit is: [E1], you could also search for "GI" untill you get to the [E1] part. You see this: [E1]
Occupier=yes ; I can Occupy UC buildings
ThreatPosed=10 ; This value MUST be 0 for all building addons
This are all the stats of the unit. You could edit the weapon, speed, cost, buildings needed, tech level and lots of more stuff. -Step 3. Add C4 to GI
We're going to add some C4 to the GI (the same that Tanya and SEAL have) Just make sure this code stands between [E1] and ; British Sniper [SNIPE]: C4=yes Your GI now has C4.
You can add all kinds of codes.
-BuildLimit gives a limit to the chosen unit.
-Cloakable makes your unit invisible
-Explosion makes your unit explode if it dies.
-etc. Here are all possible Statistics of rules.ini: ******* All Possible Unit Statistics *******
Specifies the characteristics of the various game objects. AllowedToStartInMultiplayer = Can the unit be allocated to a player when starting a multiplayer game (def=yes)
Ammo = number of rounds carried between reloads [-1 means unlimited] (def=-1)
Armor = the armor type of this object [none,wood,light,heavy,concrete] (def=none);more types added in RA2
BuildLimit = arbitrary maximum allowed to build [per house] (def=-1 -- no restriction)
Cloakable = Is it equipped with a cloaking device (def=no)?
Cost = cost to build object (in credits)
Category = category of object [used by AI systems -- "Soldier", "Civilian", "VIP", "Ship", "Recon", "AFV", "IFV", "LRFS", "Support", "Transport", "AirPower", "AirLift"]
CloakStop = Does the unit cloak when stopped moving (def=no)?
Crewed = Does it contain a crew that can escape [never infantry] (def=no)?
Gunner = Does it change capabilites based on a gunner that has been added. (def=no)
CrushSound = sound to play if this object type is crushed (def=none)
DeployFire = This unit can fire when deployed. (def=no)
DeployFireWeapon = Index of weapon to fire while deployed. 0 or 1. (def=1)
DeployTime = time, in minutes, to deploy or undeploy [if this object can do so]
DamageReducesReadiness = Yes if damage to the unit reduces its ammo (because the ammo explodes or becomes detargeted, or whatever) (def=no)
Disableable = Can this object be disabled by special multiplay option (def=yes)?
DistributedFire = whether the unit continually retargets nearby units and fires at all of them (def=no)
DoubleOwned = Can be built/owned by all countries in a multiplayer game (def=no)?
EmptyReload = Frames before first reload occurs when unit is empty. -1 means use standard reload time. (def=-1)
Explodes = Does it explode violently when destroyed [i.e., does it do collateral damage] (def=no)?
Explosion = the explosion to use when it blows up [doesn't apply to infantry] (def=none)
FireAngle = pitch of projectile launch and barrel [0 = horizontal, 64 = vertical] (def=50)
Gate = Is this building a gate? (def=no)
GateCloseDelay = time, in minutes, to delay before closing a gate after it has opened.
GuardRange = distance to scan for enemies to attack (def=use weapon range)
Image = name of graphic data to use for this object (def=same as object identifier)
Immune = Is this object immune to damage
ImmuneToPsionics = Is the unit immune to psionics (def=no)?
ImmuneToRadiation = Is the unit immune to radiation (def=no)?
ImmuneToVeins = Is it immune to vein creature attacks (def=no)?
InitialAmmo = number of rounds the unit starts with. -1 means it starts full. (def=-1)
Invisible = Is completely and always invisible to enemy (def=no)?
Insignificant = Will this object not be announed when destroyed (def=no)?
LegalTarget = Is this allowed to be a combat target (def=yes)?
Name = specifies the given name (displayed) for the object
Nominal = Always use the given name rather than generic "enemy object" (def=no)?
OmniFire = Doesn't ever have to rotate to fire. (def=no)
OpportunityFire = Can fire at targets while performing other actions, like moving. (def=no).
Owner = who can build this [GDI or Nod] (def=none)
PipScale = what to base pip display on [Passengers, Tiberium, Ammo, Power] (def=none)
PipWrap = how many pips to draw before wrapping (def=none)
Points = point value for scoring purposes (def=0)
Prerequisite = list of buildings needed before this can be manufactured (def=no requirement)
PreventAttackMove = Does this unit know how to do attack-move? (def=) Can be used to override attack move on units that shouldn't for various reasons.
PreventAutoDeploy = Does this unit know how to do auto-deploy? (def=) Can be used to override auto deploy on units that deploy.
Primary = primary weapon equipped with (def=none)
Secondary = secondary weapon equipped with (def=none)
ElitePrimary = new primary weapon when at elite veteran status (def=same as primary)
EliteSecondary = new secondary weapon when at elite veteran status (def=same as secondary)
RadarVisible = Is visible on radar even when under shroud (def=yes [infantry=no])?
ROT = Rate Of Turn for body (if present) and turret (if present) (def=0)
ReadinessReductionMultiplier = Used to tweak the amount by which damage reduces readiness. 0 cancels the readiness reduction. (def=0)
Reload = time delay between reloads (def=0)
ReloadIncrement = amount to add at every ((MaxAmmo / PipWrap) %0) increment. Used to slow reload rate increasingly. (def=0)
RadarInvisible = Is it invisible on radar maps (def=no)?
RadialFireSegments = If this unit has a radial firing pattern, this determines the number of segments. This starts at the unit's left and goes right over 180 degrees. (def=0)
SelfHealing = Does the object heal automatically up to half strength (def=no)?
Selectable = Can this object be selected by the player (def=yes)?
Sensors = Has sensors to detect nearby cloaked objects (def=no)?
Sight = sight range, in cells (def=1)
Size = amount of space unit takes up in cargo hold (def=1)
SizeLimit = Max size of unit a transport can carry (def=0) (Size is inclusive. Limit 3 holds 3)
Storage = the number of 'bails' this building or unit can store (def=0)
Strength = strength (hit points) of this object
TargetLaser = Does it have a targeting laser (def=no)?
Trainable = Can this object become veteran by experience (def=yes, buildings def=no)?
Turret = Is it equipped with a turret like superstructure [never infantry] (def=no)?
TurretSpins = Does the turret just sit and spin [only if turret equipped] (def=no)?
TechLevel = tech level required to build this [-1 means can't build] (def=-1)
ToProtect = Should friendly units come to rescue if under attack [computer only] (def=no)?
TypeImmune = Immune to damage from same type objects if owned by same side?
UndeployDelay = The time it takes before a unit automatically undeploys. (def=-1)
VoiceSelect = list of voices when selecting this object (def=none)
VoiceMove = list of voices to use when giving object a movement order (def=none)
VoiceAttack = list of voices to use when giving object an attack order (def=none)
DieSound = list of voices to use when it dies (def=none)
VoiceFeedback = list of voices that may give when taking damage (def=none)
Locomotor = CLSID of the object handling movement for this object (def=statue)
VeteranAbilities = list of veteran abilities to grant (def=none)
LeadershipRating = When the AI needs a representative from a team to make a pathfinding or targeting decision it will pick the one with the highest score (def = 5)
<<< applies only to infantry types >>>
Agent = Does it have spy-like abilities (def=no)?
Fearless = Is not prone to fear (def=no)?
VoiceComment = list of idle voices (def=none)
Pip = color of pip when inside a transport [green,yellow,white,red,blue] (def=green)
C4 = Equipped with building sabotage explosives [presumes Infiltrate is true] (def=no)?
Cyborg = Does it require special cyborg death handling (def=no)?
Fraidycat = Is it inherently afraid and will panic easily (def=no)?
TiberiumProof = Is it immune to tiberium and tiberium gas damage (def=no)?
Infiltrate = Can it enter a building like a spy or thief (def=no)?
IsCanine = Should special case dog logic be applied to this?
Civilian = Counts a civilian for evac and kill tracking (def=no)?
FemaleVoice = Uses the civilian female voice (def=no)?
Engineer = Does it behave like an engineer as far as repair and capture go (def=no)?
Disguised = Is it disguised as enemy soldier when seen by enemy (def=no)?
Agent = Does this infantry gather information if it enters an enemy building [like a spy] (def=no)?
Thief = Does it steal money if it infiltrates an enemy building (def=no)?
VehicleThief = Does it steal enemy vehicles when it gets close to one (def=no)?
Deployer = Deploys like NOD artillery from TibSun. (def=no)
<<< applies only to moving units (not buildings) >>>
MoveToShroud = Allowed to move into a shrouded cell (def=yes, aircraft def=no)?
Dock = preferred docking building [e.g., harvester -> refinery, helicopter -> helipad] (def=none)
TiberiumHeal = Does it heal slowly when in Tiberium field (def=no)?
Passengers = number of passengers it may carry (def=0)
Speed = speed of this object [n/a for buildings] (def=0)
ManualReload = Must this object reload by coordinating with reloader building (def=no)?
WalkRate = walking animation rate [larger means slower] (def=1)
IsSelectableCombatant=Does this unit get selected by the select all combatants key? (def=no)
<<< applies only to turret changers >>>
TurretCount=the number of turrets the unit has (def=0)
WeaponX=the name of the weapon to be thought of as weaponX (where X is an integer) (def=none)
YTurretIndex=the number of the weapon for this turret (as indicated by the WeaponX parameter), where Y is the name of swapping factor for the turret (def=none)
HasTurretTooltips=whether this unit multiplexes tooltips based on its current turret. (def=no)
<<< applies only to terrestrial driving vehicle types >>>
CrateGoodie = Can it appear out of a crate in multiplay (def=no)?
Crushable = Can it be crushed by a heavy tracked vehicle (def=no)?
Crusher = Is this vehicle able to crush infantry (def=no)?
MovingFire = The vehicle does not need to stop before it can fire (def=yes)?
DeployToFire = The vehicle must deploy before it can fire (def=no)?
Harvester = Does the special Tiberium harvesting rules apply (def=no)?
Weeder = Does the special weed-harvesting rules apply (def=no)?
Deployer = Does it deploy before being able to operate (def=no)? OBSOLETE
IsTilter = Does this unit tilt on slopes (def=yes)?
CarriesCrate = Might this unit drop a crate when it is destroyed (def=no)?
<<< applies only to aircraft >>>
Carryall = Can it tote vehicles around (def=no)?
Landable = Can this aircraft land on the map (def=no)?
PitchSpeed = Throttle setting at which aircraft pitch forward (def=.25);
PitchAngle = Amount that non-FixedWing aircraft pitch forward in degrees (def=20.0);
RollAngle = Amount that the aircraft rolls when turning (def=30.0)
<<< applies only to building types >>>
Adjacent = distance allowed to place from other buildings (def=1)
BaseNormal = Considered for building adjacency checks (def=yes)? ;HEY! Use this, not the phantom IsBase
Barrel = Use barrel explosion logic when it is destroyed (def=no)?
Bib = Does the building have a bib built in (def=no)?
Capturable = Can this building be infiltrated by a spy/engineer (def=no)?
DockUnload = When a unit docks with this building should it unload (def=no)?
Factory = type of object to build [InfantryType, AircraftType, UnitType, BuildingType, VesselType] (def=none)
Fake = Is this a fake structure (def=no)?
FreeUnit = free unit to give this building [typically harvester with refinery] (def=none)
Power = power output [positive for output, negative for drain] (def=0)
Powered = Does it require power to function (def=no)?
Radar = Does this building give radar to owning player (def=no)?
Repairable = Can it be repaired (def=yes)?
RevealToAll=yes Means that when built or captured, a radar event is generated (def=no)
UnitReload = Does this building reload units if they dock with it (def=no)?
UnitRepair = Does this building repair units if they dock with it (def=no)?
Unsellable = Cannot sell this building (even if it can be built)?
Wall = Is this a wall type structure [special rules apply] (def=no)?
WaterBound = Is this building placed on water only (def=no)?
Upgrades = Is the number of power-ups/upgrades that can be applied to this building (def=0)
ShipYard = This building is a ship yard or sub pen
SAM = This building is a SAM launcher
ConstructionYard = This building is a construction yard
Refinery = This building is a tiberium/ore refinery
WeaponsFactory = This building is a weapons factory
CloakGenerator = Does this building cloak objects around it?
LaserFencePost = This building is a laser fence post and obeys the rules for a building of this type.
LightIntensity = This building radiates this amount of light (def = 0).
LightVisibility= The distance (in leptons) that this light is visible from (def=5000).
LightRedTint = The red tint of this buildings light (def=1.0)
LightGreenTint = The green tint of this buildings light (def=1.0)
LightBlueTint = The blue tint of this buildings light (def=1.0)
InvisibleInGame= Building cannot be seen on selected in the game, only in the editor. (def=no)
PowersUpBuilding = Building that can be upgraded by attaching this building to it
PowersUpToLevel = Amount of upgrade provided by this attachment. -1=incremental upgrade. Positive number is specific upgrade.
Hospital = Can this building heal infantry (def = no) ?
Armory = Is this building an armory
PlaceAnywhere = Can this building ignore normal placement rules? Only use this for non-player placed buildings (def = no).
Weeder = Is this a weed collection facility (def=no)?
TogglePower = [override] Can be turned on/off under player control or affected by low power (def=yes)?
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    > **Posted by natko** > Um, you should really add some formatting -- no one likes reading walls of text. Also, make use of the <br> tag to space things out a little. I did the first chunk for you as an example. Thanks, I didn't know I could use html tags here. I thought this used [bb].
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    Um, you should really add some formatting -- no one likes reading walls of text. Also, make use of the <br> tag to space things out a little. I did the first chunk for you as an example.
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