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Outlines on Models - A Tutorial for Team Fortress 2

This is just a tutorial on how to get outlines on your custom models.

Before trying ================== IMPORTANT: This method of adding an outline will double the polycount of your model for reasons you will find out later on. ===== This tutorial is for 3dsmax and does not explain how to go about creating a model, however, in the tutorial we will be using a simple box in order to demonstrate quickly, simply and effectively the method to create an outline for a model. This is inspired by the invader zim models on ===== First Step ------------------ First you will need to make a simple box in 3dsmax and apply whatever texture to it. I am deciding to give my box this burnt orange texture. :D ![Orange box]( "Orange box") Second Step ------------------ You now need to make a clone of the model and apply a push modifier to it. I suggest a push value of 0.5. Now apply a flat black texture to it. The last thing you need to do is go to: Modifiers > Mesh editing > Normal Modifier Go into the settings for the normal modifier and tick the box to flip normals. After this it should look a little like this in your preview view port: ![The second picture :D]( "Blackness") To make sure, set your render environment to a lighter colour and do a render. It should appear as so: ![]( "Render") Final Stages ------------------ Compile your completed model (not covered in this tutorial) and load up the model viewer. I strongly suggest you set the outline VMT file to be "unlitgeneric", and of course the textured mesh will be a "Vertexlitgeneric". Here is a screenshot of the final result once I had compiled it: ![]( "Final Model")