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A Tutorial for Left 4 Dead


Hey, i just thought to make a quick tutorial on how to mod left 4 dead and left 4 dead2 weapons. [L4D] Go to STEP 1 C:\programfiles(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\left4dead\left4dead\scripts STEP 2 Go to the bottom of all the text files till you see all the weapon\_xxxxx files. Choose one, i'm going to use weapon\_rifle as my example. STEP 3 Open it, fire look at these line first those are all about accuracy so if u want a whole clip from a rifle into one single spot then set it all to o like this. (I have also found out that those lines there if u change them they sometimes work online if not the server will say "The server is enforcing consistency for script weapon\_rifle" or something like that. STEP 4 If you want to change dmg or clip size for single player then go down till you see this. You can simply change the dmg so it's insta shot, and im not 100% sure but "Penetration power" is how easy the gun can shoot throw walls. [ADDON] Scroll down a bit more till you see "clip size" change it and then in single player it will have that much. I suggest when changing reload time or clip size to copy the script before because online if you have them change it can screw up your reloading and would loop about 3 times till it reload, it weird lol [L4D2] For this you will need "GCFScape" STEP 1 Go to left4dead2\left4dead2..go to the bottom and open pak01\_dir with GCFScape STEP 2 There should be folder and go to the one "scripts" STEP 3 Extract the weapon you want to script to left4dead2/left4dead2/scripts and mod it to what ever you like :))) [IMPORTANT] STEP 4 Now the script you put in your normal script folder wont work till you do this. Close GCFScape and open pak01\_dir with notepad and there should be a bunch of letters, numbers and symbols so press crtl+f and type in the search box your weapons (E.G I modded weapon\_smg and placed it into my scripts so search "weapon\_smg" without quotes." [IMPORTANT] STEP 5 Your weapon name e.g weapon\_smg should be highlighted so now rename it e.g "weapon\_smg to weapon_blah" save it. What this is doing is that the game will know that the name is wrong so it will go to the folder scripts in left4dead2\left4dead2 and use that script. HAVE FUN :) JUST FOR FUN [FUN WAY OF MODDING] This will make every shot of your gun as if the zombie was blown up by a pipe bomb instantly it pretty cool. For l4d because it's easier but u can do the same with l4d2 just read above. STEP 1 Open any weapon you want in the scripts folder in common\left4dead\left4dead\scripts e.g weapon\_rifle STEP 2 Go down to PRIMARY AMMO AND SECONDARY AMMO, change AMMO\_TYPE\_ASSUALTRIFLE to secondary ammo and put AMMO\_TYPE\_PIPEBOMB into PRIMARY AMMO. STEP 3 One thing go to clip size and change it to what you want be with pipe bombs there's no reloading so default clip size is 50 so only 50 shots so if u want the ammo of a normal rifle change it to 450 sadly it's only huge clip not stopping and reloading. (Oh well doesn't matter have fun with this) ANY PROBLEMS JUST COMMENT AND I'LL TRY AND FIX THNX GUYS AND ENJOTY
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    Hi there. Sorry to bother you, but the part with the ammo types and changing them doesn't work, at least for the secondary ammo. I make the primary type a molotov and the secondary a magnum pistol, but the result was very few ammo and no blazing zombies. I think this tutorial is outdated on the ammo part.
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  • Posted by CaSiO3

    Tip: Cycletime is speed of shooting. Decrease it and shot as fast as you wantTip2: Yeah penetration is how easy the gun can shot through walls
    do you know what line modifies Ammo Capacity?

    Also dose anyone know how to change it form normal rounds to incendiary or explosive?

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    Tip: Cycletime is speed of shooting. Decrease it and shot as fast as you want Tip2: Yeah penetration is how easy the gun can shot through walls
    CaSiO3 means Calcium Silicate
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    Not the same problem as the user underneath me but I did this and it didn't work at all. The scripts are the same (I only modified the clip size) as they were before I edited the clip size number to be realistic because a script which was another realism script caused the bullets not to appear (probably my fault for putting Bullets to 0 when I edited that script before I made my own one) so yeah, don't know what happened or if an update has come so that it only works for vpk, I think it still works but in a certain method or the one in this tutorial. Thanks for the tutorial, but I'll try again with the script I downloaded and see if I can fix it.
    All toasters toast TOAST!
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  • **Notes:** - hi, um i did everything you said to do but i get errors. the first one i got was when i tried to join a server it said The server is enforcing consistency for... the second one i get doesnt even let me run the game and it says unkown version 538976257 for vpk c:\program files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\ left4dead2\pak01. can u help??
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