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One Way Glass - A Tutorial for Counter-Strike 1.6

Make a one way glass... a glass thats opaque from one side but transperant on the other.

This tutorial showcases on how to make a one way glass... a glass thats opaque from one side but transperant on the other. The method is a tricky one... so here's how.. First of all lets create the opening in which our glass will fit. In this case I am using a simple window frame created using four rectangular blocks and applied the C1A3WALL06 texture on it.. As you can see it looks like the picture below... ![]( "") Now decrease your grid size to the minimum and a make a very thin brush in the place where you want your glass to be. Thinner the brush, the better. Now comes the tricky part. Press Shift + A to bring up the Texture ToolBar. Select the face of the glass which you want to be the see - through side i.e the transperant side. Then click Browse on the toolbar and select the {BLUE texture and click apply.. Duh ! The texture is applied ! But now there is no explainable texture on the other side. So just apply a, say GLASS_BRIGHT on the other side i.e. the opaque one. ![]( "") ![]( "") But are we done yet?? No. Both sides still appear transperant. We have to now tie it to a "func_wall" entity and give the current settings :- Render Mode: Solid - no light FX Amount: 255 ![]( "") ![]( "") So the reason we do this is because its the same settings for any transperant object like ladders and fences, blue being invisible to the engine. Thus we get a final product of a glass that is completely clear on one side ( looks as if the window is open) but completely opaque on one side. But it isn't over, is it? It looks good except for the fact that it looks as if the window is open on the transperant side. So we have to add a little shiny effect to the glass. For that, its very simple, create another thin brush ( again, the thinner the better ) just in front of the transperant side i.e in front of the face with the {BLUE texture. This will enable you to see a faint kinda glass in front of the transperant side, creating the illusion of glass. But now just to make the glass look a little denser, we are gonna again tie it to a "func_wall" entity and edit the entity properties as this:- Render Mode: Additive FX Amount: 150 ![]( "") ![]( "") Duh ! Its done ! Just put this window thing in your map and compile it.. Enjoy your new map. I hope you find this tutorial helpful and understandable. If any queries then mail to [email protected] In Game Screenshots =================== ![The Transparent Side]( "") ![The Opaque Side]( "") [Download the (.rmf)]( "")