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CS/CZ Skin Installing! - A Tutorial for Counter-Strike 1.6

How to install skins - CZ & 1.6 Counter-Strike players may get tired of the same old CT and T skins and weapon skins! This is a tutorial that shows how you can install skins of your choice to add some flavor to your game!
-=Weapon Skins=- Step 1 - Download the Condition Zero or 1.6 weapon skin of your choice, must be a weapon in-game though. Step 2 - Open your "Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\cstrike\models" folder (for CS 1.6 use). Open your "Steam/steamapps/*account\_name*/condition-zero/czero/models" folder (for CZ use). Step 3 - Once the Skin is downloaded open the skin file. There should be v\_ w\_ p\_ types of the skin (if it is a gun skin). Drag the Skin file (name should be "v_gunname.mdl") to the models folder. Step 4 - Once you have all of your skins dragged to your models folder, you may now open CS 1.6 and play away. Note - This method may be used for both Counter-Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero but not CS:S! -=Player Skins=- Step 1 - Download the Counter-Strike 1.6 or Condition Zero Player pack/skin of your choice! Step 2 - Open your "Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\cstrike\models\player" folder. If you do not have one, make it yourself. Inside this folder should be 8 folders. Each folder should have its own name, 4 for CT and 4 for T players. Names are:
sas arctic
gign guerilla
gsg9 leet
urban terror
spetsnaz (CZ Player ONLY!) militia (CZ player ONLY!)
Step 3 - Have the downloaded skin file opened. Then drag the player skin to the player folder it belongs to. If the file says "sas.mdl" drag it to the "sas" folder etc. Step 4 - Once you have dragged all the player skins you have downloaded or are wanting, you may now open CS 1.6/CZ and play away. Note - This method can be used for CZ and 1.6 - CZ does have 5 players so if you want to change your CZ Player skins you must add the skin of your choice!
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  • For cracked/non-steam version, here is where ur folder will be:

    TL;DR : open your counter strike folder and go to cstrike and then models (for gun skins) and for player skins go to folder players inside the models folder.

    Normal Version:

    +Right click on you Counter Strike icon and then select 'properties'

    +Click 'find target' button

    +This will open a folder. In that folder open the 'cstrike' folder and then 'models'.. save ur gun skins in this folder.

    +For player skins open the same 'models' folder and then open the folder 'player'.. store ur files here according to the instructions in the tutorial above.

    Hope this helped.
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  • im using the cracked version :/

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    Hmm... don't know why can't change the player skin at 1.6, but CZ can.
    I do whatever I was right.
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    i dont know what is the problem.. im using now a gign skin and when i play all of my teamates ct with the same skin too even they choose other class of ct and the terrorisr have only one class the terror and when i add skin for the terror id dsnt work plz help me plz..
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  • what if the counter-strike directory was not placed in the steam directory
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  • **Notes:** - but i dont have steam so can u add a video how to do and download link for steam
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    i still dont get it...Please make a video?
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  • in some models, some may have consistency error **for example: could not join the game due to: bad model: P.M4A1.mdl** to fix it: delete the model or replace with the original mdl file. in some skins or models, the **p model** usually have cosistencies.
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    > **Posted by tharyn24** > Do you put your name in the game or your steam login id or your steam display name??? Account name you login with.
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