Installing models with GGMM

A Tutorial for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Tutorial for how to install Cars, Weapons and Peds in your SA using GGMM.

![GGMM]( "GGMM Interface") Well, this is my first tutorial, and here i will show you how to install models with GGMM(GTA Garage Mod Manager). WEAPONS AND CARS: Weapons and cars are the easiest ones of installing with GGMM STEP 1-First download the custom weapon or car you want. For example, i got an AK-47. STEP 2- Open GGMM, and then click on Weapons in the corner of the Menu. Then, type AK. It will instantly go to the AK47. ![AK47]( "GGMM Ak") STEP 3- Click on Installer on the upper right corner of the screen. Then click on Manual Installer. ![AK]( "AK47") STEP 4- Click on the DFF model, and choose the DFF you are going to install. The same thing with TXD. ![AK]( "AK47") ![AK]( "AK47") STEP 4- Don't even click on collision file. Then, to finish, click on install. Done. Then you should see your modded AK. ![Modded AK]( "Modded AK") PEDS: Peds are a little tricky. It's like the Cars And Weapons install, but with some diferent things. STEP 1-Download the PED you want. For example i got a Michael Corleone skin. Rename it to any of the Mafia guys. STEP 2-Open GGMM, then click on Weapons in the corner of the menu just like before. STEP 3-Click on Armour. Then click on Installer, Manual Install. Go to DFF Model and choose the Michael skin, that will be named here with maffa. Same with the TXD. ![1]( "1") ![2]( "2") ![3]( "3") STEP 4-Click on Install. The only way to you see the result is finding the ped on SA, using a PED Editor or using the skin on a CLEO Skin selector.



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