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Css GUI: how to modify it ! - A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Source

Folow text with these illustrations.

- How to modify Css GUI - Well I 'm gonna show you how to modify main menu text color, font & tall in what you want. - first you have to **locate & find** "**SourceScheme.res**" file in the cstrike\_pak\_dir.vpk and move it to your **resource** folder. - open it with notepad or something - find a part that looks like that: ![Maintmenutextcolor & MainMenu.Armedtextcolor]( "Change color text of the main menu") 2 - You have to modify values of "**Mainmenutextcolor**" "**0 0 0 255**" and "**MainMenu.ArmedTextColor**" "**200 200 200 255**" **explications**: suit of numbers means a **unique color** **+ its transparency** (0:invisible; 255:totaly visible) it comes from **RGBA** 'system' (**Red Green Blue Alpha**). 3 - [Visit this site]( "RGBA color picker") (for example) to find color and exact suit of rgba numbers: ![RGBA color picker tool online]( "RGBA Color Picker Online Tool") This was for the color of the main menu text (one for its color, other for when mouse is over it: "armedtextcolor") 4 - Now **change tall & font**: **tall**: always in "SourceScheme.res", you have to find a text like this: ![Tall font of CSS main menu]( "Change tall font of Css Main Manu") 5 - "**Tall**" "**28**": **change 28** to higher for higher tall, etc... 6 - **Font**: type your custom font name in place of "Transformers movie" (or whatever font name it is): ![Change font in sourcescheme.Res]( "Change font in sourcescheme.res by iskander71") - in this example, change "transformers movie" to your font name (**without ttf**, and it had to be exactly the same name otherwise it doesn' t work). 7 - After that you have to add last thing in the bottom of "Sourcescheme.Res". it looks like this: ![Custom font in sourcescheme.res]( "Before adding custom font") 8 - So **add a text line** with the name of your font, with ttf this time, like this (example): ![Adding custom font in sourcescheme]( "Adding custom font") - This line means where the game can find your custom font. it is in '**resource**' folder then now: 9 - you have to finally **add a copy of your font in the "resource" folder** & this is it !! ![Add custom font in "resource" folder]( "Add custom font copy in "resource" folder") Make sure to have type the right name font, without ttf and after with, don' t forget to add the font to "resource" folder, don' t forget to "save" before to go test it in Css, then your' done !!! iskander71