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A Tutorial for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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how to create working online skins in cod:modern warfare 2

my website is

HI, welcome to another of my complex tutorials! lets get started


1. No this cannot get you banned as is the file sizes are not changed, if they are different sizes the game simply will not load. The "texture hack update" refers to the old way of skinning ie: like cs:s / tf2 2. You need to have file extensions turned on. control panel>folder options>find and uncheck "hide extensions to known files types" 3. .iwd files are simply zip files with a differnt extension 4. .iwi files are simply iw's version of .dds files


1. Find and create a backup of your .iwd files because you wont be able to get new ones when something doesnt work. 2. Call of duty modern warfare 2\main\ is the directory location 3. Common archives that include weapons are.... iw_06.iwd iw_07.iwd iw_11.iwd 4. You will need some tools... 7zip -make a file association by opening an .iwd file hxd -free hex editor to edit 2 lines .dds plugin or application to handle .dds files iwi 2 dds -to convert dds 2 iwi -to convert back crc32 -to correct file size and data so shit works properly DOWNLOAD THEM HERE 5.Organization makes your life easy, so use the setup in the zip

C: Now lets edit, fix, recompile it back into the iwd, and see if the game loads

1. Open an iwd archive 2. Find the texture you want to edit, regular textures have "col" in the name,"nml" bump maps etc.. 3. Drag it out somewhere then open iwi2dds 4. Drag and drop that file into iwi2dds little side window(picture 1) 4.5. Double click the name and it will produce a .dds in the same location as the iwi file and show an image preview 5. Move the original iwi file into the crc32>original folder 6. Make some edits to the .dds in whatever program 7. When saving the .dds if it has an alpha channel it must be exported as DXT5 interpolated alpha, if no alpha it must DXT1. file size must match the original, so be careful with the no-mip-map options and resizing the texture. 8. After saving the .dds drag and drop your new skin into dds2iwi, and now theres a new iwi file 9. Take your new iwi file and place it in the crc32>new folder 10. Open both the orginal and new iwi files in the hxd hex editor(tabbed view)(picture 2) 11. Copy the first two lines from the original iwi file and replace the first two lines of your new iwi file 12. Find any 00 in the hex code,copy it, and go down to the third line and make four 00 00 00 00 at the start of the third line to make up slack for the next step(picture 3) 13. Goto the end of the hex editor in your new iwi file and delete the last four xx xx xx xx bits of code 14. Save your new iwi file 15. Now open the crc32.exe and enter in the two locations of both iwi files correctly(picture 4) 16. Hit execute 17. Check the files sizes to make sure they are the same 18. Drag and drop your new iwi file back into the correct iwd file and overwrite 19. Start the game and check online
hope you made a backup like i said, otherwise you arent playing for a while :)


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    I've been trying to edit Shadow Company in Single Player/SpecOps and been having this problem everytime in MW2 with the messed rainbow square textures. Am I missing something?
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    Thanks for this man. Testing the skin now.
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    > **Posted by arie91**

    > well i dont get any errors however why do i get this? i just placed some letters on the ump with photoshop and nothing more and when i look at the weapon ingame it looks like this lol

    Same here :D
    In 4 teh grils. avatar
    In 4 teh grils.
  • 7y
    arie91 avatar
    arie91 Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    well i dont get any errors however why do i get this? i just placed some letters on the ump with photoshop and nothing more and when i look at the weapon ingame it looks like this lol
  • 7y
    Aesthetics avatar
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    As soon as I edit my skins they jump way up and can't get it to work from then.
  • 7y
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    yes that drops the file size down 4 bytes. then you use crc32 and it adds 4 bytes.
  • 7y
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    Member Joined 8y
    Just having some trouble at step 13, I "deleted" the last four lines of code in the entire hex, which changed the final .iwi size (=\) is that what you meant? I'm sorry if I sound like an idiot but it's my first time skinning modern warfare 2.
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    That's pretty sweet, thanks a bunch


    Veni, Vidi, Vici in reverse or


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