Psych Engine Notes & Events (BETA 1 RELEASE) - A Modding Tool for Friday Night Funkin'.

The Funny

This tool has various note types and events, some of which are very helpful. This pack includes:

  1.  Various ways to fade in or out characters
  2.  Kill the player (very balanced)
  3.  and most of all, mess around with the notes

This pack has various versions, which you can find in the alternate drive and mediafire links. Updates are not gonna happen all the time, but when they do, they hit hard. This is a side project of mine and I'm not gonna give this up to or for anyone. 
In order to use this event pack for psych engine, you have to at minimum, credit me for creating the stuff you used. 
If you have any concerns, direct you attention to my Discord server, found on my profile (cause I don't have the same user all the time on discord, because of Nitro and such)
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