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EternalModInjector [Steam/BNet] - A Modding Tool for DOOM Eternal.

A Mod Loader for DOOM Eternal

This is for the Steam/ Launcher version of DOOM Eternal, on Windows.
If you have the Microsoft Store version, see here instead. If you use Linux, see here instead.

EternalModInjector is a mod loader for DOOM Eternal.

It automatically...
- Backs up and restores vanilla copies of DOOM Eternal's .resources archives.
- Runs EternalPatcher (by proteh, based on EXE patches by emoose, SunBeam, and Visual Studio) to apply EXE patches to DOOM Eternal's game executable.
- Runs DEternal_loadMods (by proteh, PowerBall253, SamPT, and SutandoTsukai181) to load all mods in -/DOOMEternal/Mods/.
- Runs idRehash (by emoose and proteh) to rehash the modified resources' hashes.
- Runs DEternal_patchManifest (by PowerBall253 and SutandoTsukai181, based on a script by Visual Studio) to set the modified resources' file sizes.
- Launches DOOM Eternal for you once that's all done.

It comes bundled with EternalModManager (by proteh), for easy mod organization.

To use it, extract's contents into your -/DOOMEternal/ folder (replace any existing files if prompted), place mod zips in your -/DOOMEternal/Mods/ folder (without extracting them!), open -/DOOMEternal/EternalModManager.exe, and click "Run mod injector".

You can also open -/DOOMEternal/EternalModInjector.bat directly, which loads everything in your "Mods" folder.

After installing mods, you only need to run EternalModInjector again to install new/uninstall old mods. Otherwise, you can launch DOOM Eternal through Steam or the Launcher as usual to play with your previous mods.

EternalModInjector currently supports Update 6.66 Rev 2 of Doom Eternal.
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    hello everyone. i need your help for below issue:
    i m launching doom eternal through mod injector batch.

    to enable some game features, i need to add launch option to d.eternal executable but i actually i m not using it so unable to specify any game launching options. 

    how can i add these options through modinjerctor? for instance skip intro. thanks 
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    ???? thanks dude! And the ps4 icons dude!
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    Hell yeah B^)
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