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Paranoia 2:Savior texture compiler - A Modding Tool for Paranoia 2: Savior.

Paranoia 2: Savior makewad


makewad is a utility for creating WAD3 wads (i.e. for GoldSrc and Xash3D). A feature of the utility is a built-in quantizer that allows you to input 24- and 32-bit textures.

The program understands textures in tga and bmp format. With the system for loading external textures, the whole process of creating wads becomes, in fact, a system for generating previews. In other words, full color textures are used in the game, and their copies in wada are used by compilers for color bleeding and jackhammer during editing. However, you can use the utility simply to fully create, edit and extract textures from wads. Three operating modes are supported:

1.adding new textures to the wad (if the wad does not already exist, it will be created).

2. copying textures from one wad to another, with the ability to replace textures.

3. extracting textures from wada in bmp or tga format.


The utility rejects textures whose names contain _spec, _gloss, _n, _nrm, _norm, _ddn, _normal, _luma, _mask and some others.

Only diffuse textures fall into the wad.

Command line parameters

-input is the most important parameter that determines the mode of operation. Here you can set the path to the wadu or the path to the folder with textures.


-input C: \ Xash3D \ mymod \ decals.wad \ {*. mip - source of wad decals.wad mask for files starting with {. The extension must always be .mip, makewad does not understand other formats.

-input D: \ Sierra \ Half-Life \ valve \ liquids.wad \ *. mip - source all textures from wad liquids. Of course, you can explicitly specify the name of the texture, and not just the mask.

-input E: \ sources \ textures \ posters \ *. bmp - texture source in posters folder with bmp extension. If you specify *. * Then tga and bmp will be processed.

-output here we specify where to put textures from the input path.


-output mycool.wad - textures will be placed in mycool.wad. If another wad is specified as the source, then the textures will be moved from one wad to another. If the folder is with bmp or tga, then the textures will be loaded and indexed (unless they are 8-bit, of course).

-output bmp - a folder will be created by the name of the source wada and all textures specified by the mask in the -input parameter in the specified format (bmp or tga) will be extracted there. Bmp-> tga or tga-> bmp mode is not supported as it is a wad processor and not external textures.

-replace - by default, if the wada already has a lump with the same name, then the program rejects its replacement. This key allows it.

-forcereplace - if the new lump does not match the size of the old one, then the -replace switch will not help. This key allows you to forcibly resample the new texture to the size of the old one.

-resize (10-200%). As a rule, the original textures are larger than the specifications allowed in WAD3. Moreover, the indexing of large textures leads to a noticeable color degradation. This key allows you to set the resize of the input textures as a percentage. Let's say -resize 50 will compress the 1024x1024 input texture to 512x512, and the 256x256 texture down to 128x128. Without this key, the textures will simply fit within the WAD3 limits.

Update at 23.12.2018

Minor tweak to makewad to create and edit gfx.wad and cached.wad. No program can work with these two wads and this is very inconvenient. The parameters have not changed, you can specify cached.wad or gfx.wad as the target, and by these names the program itself will understand that we are dealing with graphical wads for the menu and console. It also became possible to extract these textures from wad (for this, instead of the .mip extension, you must specify the .lmp extension). And added the ability to convert tga-> bmp, bmp-> tga, bmp-> lmp, tga-> lmp well, in general, all possible combinations of tga, bmp and lmp.

Update at 02/29/2020

Fixed a crash that always occurred when trying to index a monotone texture, such as completely black or completely white.

Update at 03/04/2020

Fixed export from wad to tga - textures were flipping from right to left.

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