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Paranoia 2:Savior map compilers - A Modding Tool for Paranoia 2: Savior.

P2ST 0.98 beta

As I promised, I'm posting an updated version of the compilers.

The main differences are:

- the memory limit has been pushed back almost twice (meaning that the compiler now consumes half the memory on the same scenes).

- accelerated tracing of studio models. In particular, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is now considered 10-15 minutes, although there are more than 10 million luxels.

- minor vis fixes (spied on in the new TyrUtils)

- csg swears at the missing texture of the sky, which is needed to be happy to count the light from the sun (yes, I have such a problem).

- for models, the loading of external textures for alpha-solid surfaces is implemented. It often happens that in the model itself, the alpha bit was too lazy to adjust and now there is no shadow from the fence. And then the external texture was loaded. TGA and DDS are supported.

Note that only p2rad has memory acceleration and expansion. It's not difficult for me and the rest to enable it in the config, but let's test it first. I deliberately started a separate topic in order to use the previous compilers as a reference.

If someone suddenly does not know yet, the lightmap on the model is turned on by setting the "zhlt_modellightmap" parameter "1" for env_static.

The resolution is regulated by the same zhlt_texturestep. And added one more new parameter zhlt_backfrac, which allows you to avoid lightlicks. Usage can be seen on the map in the paranoia test map pack.

Update at 02.07.2019

- micro-update, the lightmap on the models had a non-disconnectable selfshadow. Fixed.

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