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Paranoia 2:Savior model compiler - A Modding Tool for Paranoia 2: Savior.

Paranoia 2: Savior studiomdl

The current version of my studiomdl compiler.


This compiler is a replacement for the standard model compiler from HL_SDK. It differs from the original in advanced features (some of the features are available only for Xash3D, and another part is available only for P2: Savior and XashXT). Nevertheless, the compiler will be useful to anyone who deals with compiling models for GS. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no documentation for the compiler, but I will try to briefly list the main advantages: for real tiling on models (available only in Xash3D)

2. support for fake tiling for GS (up to four repetitions of the texture). To enable this option, you need to remove the line in QC $ cliptotextures (Kratisto Decompiler likes to write it)

3. Support for full color textures on TGA and BMP input. 8-bit indexing is done automatically by the compiler.

4. The ability to compile models from source, practically without affecting the source code of these models. The most you need is to edit the QC.

5. Weight distribution on models (available only in Xash3D)

6. Support for JiggleBones and other types of procedural bones (available only in P2: Savior and XashXT)

7. Ability to turn any model into static with one line in QC. The compiler will cut off all animations and bones by itself.

8. Extended limits (but be careful if you work with GS).

9. The ability to compile those models on which all other compilers crash or simply work incorrectly.

10. The list of QC commands almost completely coincides with that of the Sors compiler of models, which can be useful for editing a model using QC tools.

11. Missing textures are automatically replaced with emo textures.

12. The compiler no longer stores in the model name the path on your computer to the folder where the compilation actually took place. This is a monstrous pale, according to which agents of the State Department and in general anyone else could figure out you.

13. Colored messages in the console

14. New !. Correct rounding of texture coordinates in compatibility mode with goldsource. Potentially prevents texture collapse.


Since there is no documentation at the moment, I will list the most basic. This compiler understands the vast majority of QC commands in the same way as the model compiler from Source. You can find a description of these commands, for example, here. Some of the commands unique to my compiler are listed below:

$ scale_x, $ scale_y, $ scale_z - separate scale along three axes. Use with care.

$ mergecontrollers is the secret command for [WPMG] PRoSToTeM @. Only he and the Soviet Coder know what she is doing.

$ fixedcoords - includes floating point texture coordinates, but no tiling (Xash3d only)

$ freecords, $ freecoords - the same, but with tiling (only for Xash3d)

$ boneweights - enables weight distribution on models (only for Xash3d)

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