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Unverum - A Modding Tool for Dragon Ball FighterZ


Version 1.4.1 9d
  • BugFix Fixed path used when 1-click installing Demon Slayer or IDOLM@STER mods
Version 1.4.0 10d Addition2 Version 1.3.6 20d Refactor Version 1.3.5 26d BugFix2 Version 1.3.4 28d Addition2

Download and manage mods for several Unreal Engine 4 games

1. Introduction

Unverum Mod Manager is a tool that allows gamers to download, install, and manage mods for several Unreal Engine 4 anime games.  The name Unverum comes from the Latin translation of real, verum.

2. Supported Games

3. Before Starting

If your game already contains mods, it would be best practice to move them into the Mods folder for the specific game, accessed by pressing the Open Mods Folder button.  Separate mods by folder.  The mods list is generated by taking those folder names. Make sure you do this since when you get to the building process, the ~mods folder will be erased.

4. Getting Started

4.1. Prerequisites

When you first open the exe, you'll get a message saying to install .NET 5 Desktop Runtime if you don't already have it installed. Please do so if that's the case.

4.2. Setup

Next thing you want to do is choose the game that you wish to mod from the dropdown menu, then click the Setup button.  From there you would just have to select the specific game exe that it's asking for if the game isn't found in its common path.  Once you do that, Unverum will handle the rest and let you know when setup is completed.

4.3. Installing Mods

Before you can manage and load some mods, you have to install some.

There are 4 methods of doing this:
  1. Using the built in Mod Browser tab to download mods found on GameBanana
  2. Using 1-click install buttons (once they're added in) from browsing mods directly from the GameBanana website
  3. Downloading mods from other websites such as NexusVideoGameMods, or Alt. Downloads from the browser and extracting them straight into your mods folder which you can access by pressing Add Mods > Open Mods Folder
  4. (Mostly for mod creators) Press Add Mods > Create New Mod, choose a name and a single .pak file to automatically create a mod folder and put that .pak inside
  5. (Also mostly for mod creators) Drag files/folders into the mod grid, choose a name, and Unverum will copy all those files/folders into the new mod folder.

4.4. Managing Mods

Managing mods is as simple as dragging the order of the rows to prioritize the top and enabling which mods you want in the build. Once you have your desired loadout, make sure to click the Launch button.

WARNING: Every time you click Launch, Unverum deletes everything from the ~mods directory during the building process so make sure to backup or move any projects or mods you have in there before setting up Unverum.

4.5. Auto Updates

Unverum also supports auto updates for mods downloaded from GameBanana using the built-in browser or the 1-click install buttons. Click the Update Mods button for Unverum to check if any are available for the currently selected game.

Self updates for Unverum are also supported so you don't need to keep checking back here to see if you have the latest version. These are checked every time on launch.

4.6. Sorting

You can sort your mods alphabetically by clicking the Name header and by which ones are enabled by clicking the Enabled header.

5. Game Specific Functionalities

5.1. Dragon Ball FighterZ

Included in the Unverum download is Lean's materials that some DBFZ mods utilize. It would be best to keep that as the highest priority as enabled. Note that the Costume Patcher mod is integrated with Unverum. On setup, the exe is patched and the placeholder costume files are always placed as the lowest priority on build.

5.2. My Hero One's Justice 2

Only implemented with My Hero One's Justice 2 is the option to undo the setup by clicking the Setup button again.  This will rename the pak and sig files so that mods can no longer be used. DBList merging was also incorporated as of v1.2.5 to prevent needing to download and continuously update the DBList prerequisite mod.  How it works is that it appends any dblist.txt that it finds in your mod folder to the vanilla one.

6. Text Patching

As of v1.2.0, Unverum now supports modularly patching specific parts of REDAsset.uexp/uasset which contains all the text for Dragon Ball FighterZ, Guilty Gear -STRIVE-, and Granblue Fantasy: Versus.  Unverum looks for a text.json in each mod folder. 

An example of how it's setup would be:
  "Entries": [
      "header": "CHARA_NAME_L_HTN",
      "text": "Pepsiman"
      "header": "CHARA_NAME_S_HTN",
      "text": "Pepsiman"
      "header": "CHARA_NAME_DEMO_HTN",
      "text": "Pepsiman"
This example replaces each instance of Hit with Pepsiman in the game DBFZ.

You can put as many entries as you want.  The headers can be found in the hex of REDAsset.uexp which are followed by the text that goes with it.  You would want to put the header of the part you would want to replace.  The text property is what you would want to replace the text that goes with the header specified.

If there's duplicates of the same header, you can indicate which one to replace by adding " (n)" to the end of the header where n starts at 2 and increments for whichever number of the dupe you want to replace.

For those advanced users who want to add lines, just name a header that doesn't exist and it'll be appended at the very end of the file.

Click here for a more in depth guide made by Lean

7. FAQ

7.1. Are music/splash/movie mods supported?

Yes. It'll look for .awb, .mp4, .bmp, .uasset, and .usm files to replace within the Content folder.  The files will be replaced only if they have the exact same name.

7.2. Is this safe? My antivirus is getting set off.

Yes this application is safe. Antivirus tends to trigger false alarms, especially due to it needing to be connected to the internet in order to be compatible with 1-click installations. You can check out the source code for yourself if your suspicious of anything as well.

7.3. Why won’t Unverum open?

I made it so only one instance is running at a time so if it’s already running, the app won’t open. Check to see if you can end the process in task manager or even restart your pc if you don’t know how to do that. 

7.4. Why doesn't Unverum have permissions to copy over files?

Try running as administrator or checking to see if any antivirus is preventing the application from operating on files.
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    Hey! Love the mod manager but small issue. I have accidentally sorted my mods SO many times, and it's a bit of an annoying issue as it messes with my very specific and organized loadout. Could you add a confirmation pop-up to help alleviate this issue? Thanks! :>
    Just Some Nerd™. Neat mod.
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    I use your mod manager to download lots of mods (for guilty Gear). However, that means that it is hard to keep track of what I have, as the naming patterns for mods are not the same. I could have five different Ramlethal mods and I would have to sift through each and every mod I have downloaded to find them all as they all go by different names. Thus, I would like to request a search engine, much like the one you added in for finding new mods, only this would be for mods we already have. Is there a way for us to search for mods we have downloaded already and/or the slots they are occupying? If it is not possible, that is alright.
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  • Any chance of adding in moving more than one mod at a time? Like, you could select two or more mods and move them around the list to make sorting easier.

    Modlists would be nice too. So you could, for example, have a list where all characters have Granblue skins in Strive, and one that's mostly vanilla with just colors added.
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  • Is there maybe a way to add your own sort of sections/folders for the mod manager? For example, while I'm viewing the home, I could have one section labeled "Music," one "Skins," etc. It would be a lot easier to manage, especially with people that have a lot of mods for a specific game.
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  • Thank you for the update to the costume patch. Best mod the game has
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  • For some reason, I'm not able to launch DBFZ through Unverum, the game just refused to boot.
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    frizuo Joined 2mo ago
    Unverum broke strive. Firstly, after deleting mods and unverum, the mods were still in game. Next when I downloaded unverum again to see what was going on, not only were the mods not showing up BUT it also completely broke strive, I can't even launch it now.
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    im probably being dumb asf but when i download the mod theres like no exe. Like i dont understand what im doing wrong

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  • aceal81 avatar
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    After setup and launching game, I keep getting crashes, tried reinstalling Fighterz and verifying game integrity error still shows up. Can run game normally, used DBFZ mod manager before.
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