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P4G Encounter Randomizer - A Modding Tool for Persona 4 Golden (PC)

Easily create a patch to randomize battles.

1. Description

Easily create a patch that randomizes every battle.

2. Requirements

.NET Core 3.1 (Runtime)
Aemulus Package Manager by Weeb Tekka

3. Usage

  1. (Optional) Open and edit config.json. Make any changes you want and save.
  2. Run P4G_Encounter_Randomizer.exe.
  3. If you see the message "Package successfully created!" then copy and paste the "Randomized Encounters" folder to your Aemulus Persona 4 Golden packages folder.
  4. Enable in Aemulus and build when ready.

4. Config

By opening config.json in a text editor you can control some settings of the randomization.

4.1. BossShuffle (NOT RECOMMENDED)

Randomizes the order of bosses. Not recommended since doing so can crash the game and/or stop you from progressing. Default: false

4.2. MiniBossShuffle

Randomizes the order of minibosses. Default: false

4.3. OptionalBossShuffle

Randomizes the order of optional bosses. Default: false

4.4. MinEnemies

Minimum amount of enemies in any random encounter. Default: 1

4.5. MaxEnemies

Maximum amount of enemies in any random encounter. Default: 5

4.6. DisabledRandomEncounterEnemies

A list of enemy IDs that are disabled from appearing in random encounters. The default list disables any enemy that appears in any form of boss battle and all Reapers. List of enemy IDs can be found here:

  • Keyk avatar
    Keyk Joined 9mo ago
    Thats so cool I wanted an persona 4 Golden Randomizer so bad even if it is only encounters. Great job

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  • ToldYouSo avatar
    ToldYouSo Joined 11mo ago
    8mo 8mo
    Wow, nice job! If someone could make shadows look like Personas, this will set this mod even on a higher level of badass.
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