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HavenIDE - A Modding Tool for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Version 3.1 6mo
  • Addition Added an Intern Compiler
  • Addition Added a toggleable Console
  • Addition Added a toggleable document map
  • BugFix Little bug fixes
Version 1.1 Bugfixed. 8mo BugFix Version 1.1 8mo Improvement Addition2

A interface to work with flow script

The set up for this update is quite easy even thou that may change in the feature i am quite lazy so that won't happen anytime soon

  1. Set Up

    The latest release does't really need a set up with the settings that may change in the future but considering how lazy I got not that soon.

  2. Important Information

    This project has by far the messiest code that I ever wrote, that would mean there are bugs if you ever stumble across a bug please contact me and ill do my best to fix it.

  3. Getting Started

    3.1. if you want to get started you can just download the lastest release and extract it

    3.2. In an older version you needed to get the Atlus scripting compiler seperatly now that it is intern you don't need that anymore and if you want to change the because of reasons the Libraries folder is in the same folder as the executable.

    3.3. thats acutally it at least for me if you come thought any problems/bugs you can write a message i'll try my best to help

  4. Tips to to work with it faster

    Well right now the ide is quite useless you can just use notepad++ and the only difference would be that it has systax hightlighting and it is only at best 12 secounds faster so here a list that may help to work faster:

    4.1. set up the mod on Aemulus (create a mod, move the files and so on), after that open the files you want to mod from Aemulus mod folder, do what ever you want eith the mod and if you want to save and compile just press build on Aemulus and run it. 

  5. Side notes
    This is an open source project on github if you want to change something that you don't like or even bring your own ideas in, you can just fork it if you want and if you don't know how to code or my code is way to unreadable but have an Idea or something similiar don't be afraid to ask me.