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Party Skill Editor (+GUI) - A Modding Tool for Persona 3 FES.

For use with the New Moon balance patch

1. What

The Persona 3 Party Skill Editor is a program with two purposes:

-It can restore any changes made to party member skills by mods or cheats
-It can prepare a save file for use with the New Moon balance patch, by giving party members the skills they should have

2. How does it work

The program works like this:

  1. Asks for the game played (Journey or Answer)
  2. Asks for unmodded P3 or New Moon
  3. Asks for the date
  4. Asks for the level of each party member

The program will then spit out a cheat code document, containing the skills that each party member should have at the level provided in the game provided for the type provided.

3. Instructions

-Drag into a command prompt window
-Follow the instructions given by the program
-Drag the created cheat code folder into your cheat code loader of choice (for PCSX2 it's the cheats folder)
  1. Open the game
  2. Verify that your party members have the proper skills
  3. Save
  4. Delete the cheats file

4. Prerequisites/ bugfixing

You will need python installed on your computer.

If the cheat code does not work, check which region your disc/ ISO is, and change the name of the file created to match your region. It is the NTSC name by default.
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    Just recently used it and Yukari and Junpei's stats got messed up. Their magic and strength ends up becoming 99 and some their other stats become 0
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    Just in case someone else runs into this, the pnach is generated in the folder your Command Prompt first shows you. In my case, it was the user folder. Also, I don't know if this is because of my Python version(3.7), but by double clicking the .py file, the code ran as it should and the pnach was generated in the program folder.
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    This needs a gui so bad
    Funny Modding
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    this is super cool but just curious is it possible for one day to be able to edit the protagonist's persona and skills?

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