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All-In-One Prerequisite Installer - A Modding Tool for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Version 1.1 18d
  • Addition Added .NET 6 Desktop Runtime installers for the upcoming Reloaded II 1.12 release
Version 1.0 5mo Refactor Improvement2 Version 0.3.2 11mo BugFix Version 0.3.1 11mo Optimization Version 0.3H 11mo BugFix

Install every prerequisite for P4G PC at once.

This program downloads all seven prerequisites for using Persona 4 Golden mods on PC and launches the installers sequentially. 

After running this, you should no longer need to install any additional prerequisites to use Reloaded II, Aemulus, or the P4G PC mod loader.

Downloaded files:

  • my pc is saying Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk?
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  • Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you making this tool very much. This is a game changer. Keep up the awesome work!
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    How exactly does this work?
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    s0nought Dev Tester


                        /*String for options that appear if the user has already installed the program + next steps to take
                          Not currently very interesting but may be useful in the future if files change */
                        string alreadyInstalledButtons = "Repair/Uninstall/Close";
                        string alreadyInstalledActions = "Close => Yes";
                        Console.WriteLine("\nIf the options given to you are " + alreadyInstalledButtons + ", you already have this installed.\nClick " + alreadyInstalledActions + " and the program will continue.");
                        Console.WriteLine("\nIf you see something else, follow the installer's instructions.");
                        //Launch installer and wait for it to close
                        myProcess.StartInfo.FileName = fileName;
                        Log("[INFO] Run successful, installSuccessCount = " + ++installSuccessCount);

    I wish you would launch the installers in the background (silent install if applicable).
    What's more, you could read registry to see if C++ redists and .NET runtimes are installed already.
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    Im gonna wait a bit, but im excited i can finally use mods in p4 i wanted to but didn't think that i could learn the mod managers
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