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Krzys2's Chao Editor - A Modding Tool for Sonic Adventure 2


Version 2.1.0 9d
  • Addition Added CWE 9.4 Support(New BM, Specials tab, Inventory changes)
  • Adjustment CWE accessories tab rewritten to fit new version
  • Addition Added Chao friendship caching(Chao relationships from another save if were cached gonna be displayed in current save), cache updates every time you open chao tab/relationships tab
  • Adjustment Configuration file remade(old one wont work)
  • Refactor Refactored byte conversion functions
  • Refactor Refactored bit flags like animal behaviours/toys/lessons etc.
  • Refactor Customization code behind rewritten and optimized
  • Addition Added Launcher.exe error (confirmation that its not supported)
  • BugFix Fixed some CWE features appearing in SADX games when they are not supposed to
  • Addition Added Version display in program name
  • Improvement Mod check is done on seperate thread(UI thread wont be blocked, no editor freeze)
This update focuses on CWE 9.4 update. Things like blackmarket, inventory were remade, in addition specials tab was added to support CWE save file. This update is essential if you are using CWE 9.4 in order to change new CWE features in editor.

Also this update introduces many code refactoring, so editor should be even smoother and more beautiful from code-behind
Version 2.0.1 - Quickfix 3mo BugFix2 Addition Version 2.0.0 3mo Overhaul Addition16 Adjustment3 Refactor BugFix Tweak Improvement Version 1.3.1 9mo Addition2 BugFix2 Refactor Version 1.3.0 9mo BugFix Addition5 Tweak Optimization
After countless of months, Krzys2's Chao Editor was completely remade from scratch. Bug fixes, new look, customizability, new values and even heavily requested feature was added : Editor is resizable! In addition, everything is much more responsive thanks to WPF, so screen tearing is non existent, true transparency was added, and even there is new animated background which can be enabled. All configurations done to editor will be saved to configuration file! 
Don't like animation? Disable it! Want to only view values? There is view mode for that! Want other colors for tabs? There is an option for that! Perhaps don't even know what values do? Don't worry, I got you covered, new Editor has every value documented and shows in tooltips what it does!

New to the tool? Here is short summary for you:

This tool is perfect for people who want to see hidden data of chao, or even test their chao to maximum capacity. Everything from Chao behaviours, to hidden data like dna and appearance is available. To add to that, this editor serves as a hub for my previous programs, you can easily place all my tools in this editor's folder and you will be able to launch my other tools! Also, really useful feature of editor always being on top was implemented.

In addition, Chao world extended is supported by this editor. When game is launched editor will automatically detect CWE and new options will appear.

With recent updates, tool expanded even more, now importing/exporting is fully implemented into Editor, making it super easy and fast. In addition, copy/pasting has been added with their shortcuts!

As of Version 2.0.0 many stuff were revamped and remade, code was optimized and uses good practices and coding patterns like MVVM! In addition, SECW is now being supported by editor. Editor didn't found the dll on launch? Recheck the dlls in the Hub!

Krzys2's Chao Editor is universal Chao Editor, what means that it will support all 3 Sonic adventure games, which are:

  1. Sonic Adventure dx(Steam)
  2. Sonic Adventure 2004(which is used for modding, good example is BetterSADX)
  3. Sonic Adventure 2(steam)

This tool was heavily inspired by Fusions's Chao editor. But after many years of not being updated, it started to break such mods as Chao world Extended, this created a problem for modders and mod users and new editor was in huge demand. Krzys2's Chao Editor doesn't serve as replacement, but as alternative for people who use mods.
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    I've been getting a strange issue since the 2.0.1 hotfix. I usually have the chao editor open in the background whenever I play, but if I have the latest one open, the game crashes every now and then when I return to the chao lobby.

    I'm not 100% sure what the cause is, just thought I'd report back here in case someone else encounters this crash.
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  • good thing I came today, it just updated!
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    Sonic speed
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  • I have a problem : The editor detects the game but when i try to modify something it doesn't do anything, and yes i have tried running it as administrator.
    I'm normal i guess
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  • I am having a problem with the time scale as when I try to put it lower than 150 it slingshots back to 150 and cant move it. I can move it higher but not lower
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  • Hi! I was curious why my chao wasn't showing up after I was done making them. Am I missing something?
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    I'm trying to use this with the 2004 port of SADX for PC but when I try to do anything in the chao tab, it just resets. For example: If I enter a name for the chao then click on another option, the name I typed disappears. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
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  • Love this editor!
    I'm having a small problem though, the time scale won't work for me. I can adjust it in the lobby, but when I enter the garden, it resets and won't allow me to change it. I had a similar problem on Fusion's editor too, so maybe it's my game? But I figure I ask just incase it's something someone can answer because I don't want to edit any the files willy nilly.
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    Hey i was wondering if you were going to add the karate medals from CWE into the medal area? If not that's ok i was just wondering
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    Hey if it's ok to ask how do i make a custom themes or is it the advanced option?
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    There's some CWE things that aren't currently available , notably, the CWE exclusive food items including the shiny fruit and Hyper Stat Fruits and the most notable thing being that X Rank is unable to be changed as in if a Chao has an X Rank on any stats, then it will appear as a blank and won't appear on the drop down menu and you won't be able to change it back unless you quit without saving if you change the rank.
    requests for obscure things
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