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Celeste Randomizer - A Modding Tool for Celeste


Version 0.6.0 11mo
  • Addition New menu for selecting the two most important options, logic and difficulty. These can be bypassed by holding shift or the journal button.
  • Addition Logic may now require you to set session flags (e.g. clutter switches) to proceed. Additionally, it will not place rooms which may be impossible to complete in reachable session flag configurations.
  • Addition New difficulty options: Easy and Master. Clarified meaning of difficulty levels.
  • Addition Custom maps may now specify their own rulesets
  • Addition Certain text entries which are not randomized dialog will now be randomized via a mad-libs format
  • Addition Added ability for mods to group levels into custom toggleable sets
  • Addition Added lives and scoring for endless mode. Set-seed is much more punishing than random-seed.
  • Addition Mods can now specify music tracks and collectable names to be used by the randomizer
  • Addition If you collect a collectable from which you cannot return, you will be bubbled back to your spawn point
  • Improvement Dialog will now only be shuffled within spoken/non-spoken pools
  • Improvement Support for teleport logic from several more helpers
  • BugFix Too many bugfixes
Version 0.5.0 1y Addition12 BugFix4 Version 0.4.0 1y Addition8 Tweak3 BugFix Version 0.2.0 1y Addition5 Improvement BugFix4

Generate random conglomerates of your favorite maps!

This is a mod for Celeste that automatically generates randomly constructed maps by treating each room as a building block that can fit against certain other rooms in designated ways.

It offers a plethora of customization, allowing you to select your skill level, how many dashes you would like to play with, which maps to draw rooms from, and more. You can even make it work with your custom maps!

For more information, check out the project page at
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  • KawaiiDawn avatar
    KawaiiDawn Joined 1y ago
    735 points Ranked 45,786th
    Here's a random idea i had: keysanity
    Basically it would be like pathway but there are a lot more keys/keydoors, forcing you to go out of your way to find keys more often (this is inspired by the keysanity mode in the link to the past randomizer)
    Anyways, this is a great mod and I love playing it!
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  • Rainbowmon avatar
    Rainbowmon Joined 12mo ago
    12mo 12mo
    So, there's an Endless Mode, now, huh? Unfortunately, my puny laptop can't handle Celeste mods without lagging like crazy, but hearing about that got me thinking...

    What about an Arcade Mode? Start with a set number of lives, gain points for collecting Dash Crystals, clearing rooms, and (obviously) collecting berries; grab enough red berries simultaneously or enough points to get a 1-Up, with all berry locations having a random chance of spawning a Gold Berry (clear a set number of rooms for a *MASSIVE* score bonus - but if you die while holding it, it's an instant Game Over) or Moon Berry (automatic x-Up, where x is set on the randomizer menu)?

    I know it's probably *WAY* too ambitious and is just wishful thinking. But if it's possible, I think it'd potentially be a *REALLY* fun mode for those like me who have 1). Gotten most or all of the Golden Strawberries in the vanilla game (I mostly play on my Switch, and am currently working on Farewell's Golden Strawberry - the last berry I need for 100%), and 2). Enjoy a good, arcadey, endless score-attack style game every once in a while.

    - Rainbowmon of the Care-monic Spirits

    P.S. First post on GameBanana - hopefully one day I manage to get my hands on a gaming PC so I can play Celeste mods and post more.
    Rainbowmon the Care-mon
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  • danielisgamer avatar
    danielisgamer Joined 2y ago
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    idea: when endless mode is selected, maybe there can be an option to have a labyrinth styled map after an amount of levels (Example: if set to five, there would be a labyrinth on 5, 10, 15, ect.)

    AMOGUS, AMOGUS everywhere..
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  • BUGFlower99 avatar
    BUGFlower99 Joined 2y ago
    866 points Ranked 44,409th
    Have you been working to make D-Sides work with this, right? I ask because, every single time I play w the Randomizer, there's at least 1 dialogue from 9D (from the subchapter Depression more exactly) and yesterday I got one from the Fastbubbling tutorial X3
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  • Would love an option to remove just the 6A heart room (but not the rest of 6A). Like, i can't imagine anyone having memorised the movements unless they happen to have done 100% speedruns.

    Loving it otherwise, great mod! <3
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  • Fleofl avatar
    Fleofl Joined 1y ago
    222 points Ranked 62,640th
    Very cool mod. Found a bug. When you get the final room of prologue and finish it, the game crashes. You may want to disable this room. Great Job on the mod.
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  • xWyvernx avatar
    xWyvernx Joined 1y ago
    What an interesting mod! I've been playing it since yesterday. Are you planning something for the labyrinth mode? It would be great to have berry rooms and collecting all would either finish the run or spawn a heart so you can finish it.
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  • I am speedrunning this mod, is fantastic (1:31 is my pb in ruleset a), the only thing that is anoying are some rooms whit a lot of entrances, because you have to try all of them, especially some of chapter 5
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  • Baldtolo avatar
    Baldtolo Joined 1y ago
    I want to suggest a thing for this randomizer:

    Would it be hard to code a little arrow pointing to the exit of the room, so having to try multiple exits doesn't slows down this randomizer's speedrunners?
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  • globglogabgalab avatar
    globglogabgalab Joined 1y ago
    127 points Ranked 75,669th
    1y 1y
    Super cool map. It's a fun change from playing the same sequences of rooms over and over again, and I love sneaking in theo or a jellyfish where they're not supposed to go.

    I'm pretty sure I got softlocked at one point though. I entered the big key room of farewell from the bottom, checked the top left exit, died, and then respawned at the top left corner, making it impossible to get back down since I didn't have a jelly. 

    Unfortunately I didn't think to record the seed at the time. Without the seed, the settings probably don't matter as much, but here they are. Custom rules, farewell, c sides, and epilogue selected, repeat rooms & enter strange holes off, logic pathway, length enormous, dashes one, and difficulty perfect.
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