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A Modding Tool for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


P4GMOdelConverter 1.6 17d
  • Addition Auto-Convert SMD/DAE/FBX to FBX with Noesis (use -fbxascii for better compatibility, or -fbxoldexport to load a custom animation)
  • Addition Animation presets for P3P/P4G Personas
  • Addition Add/Remove/Rename Animations by Right Clicking
  • Addition Choose whether to view models in Noesis or GMOView
  • BugFix Fixed bug preventing importing animation set
  • BugFix Separate MDS and _P4G.MDS generation to prevent freezes
This version adds support for custom animations. If you import an animated FBX with the -fbxoldexport -fbxascii settings, it will be included in the output MDS. You can then load it into the program with either the Import button or by generating a _P4G.MDS with it.

To have multiple custom animations with the base model still in T/A-Pose, export the set, load your default posed model with no animations and then import the animation set again.

It also shouldn't hang anymore if a MDS/GMO fails to generate.
P4GMOdelConverter 1.5.2 20d Adjustment2 Overhaul

A tool for creating working P4G custom models

Convert GMO/FBX model to MDS text file
  • Output P4G-compatible MDS with meshes split up into their own "parts"
  • (Optional) Convert FBX directly to GMO before MDS (may improve compatibility)
  • (Optional) Exclude animations or textures/materials from P4G MDS (for testing geometry)
  • (Optional) Extract TM2 texture files from GMO (for MDS to reference when rebuilding GMO)
  • (Optional) Load animations from GMO for re-ordering/renaming/rebuilding
  • (Optional) Rename underscores to spaces in bone names (except "_Bone")
    Improves compatibility with GMO animations when converting from FBX
  • (Optional) Specify the bone weapons attach to for battle models
Convert MDS text file to GMO model
  • Auto-Convert non-TM2 textures referenced in MDS to TM2
  • Output GMO rebuilt from input MDS
  • Updates MDS file before converting with new animation names/order
  • (Optional) Run generated GMO through TGE's tool to fix compatibility with P4G PC
  • (Optional) Automatically view generated GMO in new GMOView window
    Might not work with P4G PC "fixed" models, use Noesis instead
Re-order MDS animations on the fly
  • Move animations up and down by name in animation list
  • Update last generated/opened MDS files with new animation order
  • Export current animation set to MDS file
  • Load animation set from MDS file
  • Choose a preset to auto-rename animations for P3P/P4G protags, party members and some bosses

Latest Update (v1.5.1)
  • Added auto-rename presets
  • Corrected player_body_Bone name not being fixed
Known Issues
  • Card disappears for P4G party members
  • Meshes weighted to Bip01 Head_Bone often don't work for yet unknown reasons


  • 20dExecutable
    This file is or contains an executable
    insert_drive_file P4GMOdelConverter 1.5.2
  • 21dExecutable
    This file is or contains an executable
    insert_drive_file P4GMOdelConverter 1.5.1
  • 17dExecutable
    This file is or contains an executable
    insert_drive_file P4GMOdelConverter 1.6

Alternate File Sources


Model Import Tutorial Animation Swap Tutorial Fix disappearing card High Priority
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    Rezyd Joined 15d ago
    Please import Goro Akechi to replace Yu

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  • Just wondering if there is a way to use this to swap models ingame with others from ingame.
    example; replace Yu with Chie, or Teddies drag with Yu's drag or with a persona model?
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    Been using this for months. Great tool!
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GUI, MDS rewriting


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