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Xash3D Paranoia2 Model Viewer 1.31 - A Modding Tool for Goldsource Engine

1. Overview

Model viewer is made by Uncle Mike, developer of Xash engine as a modern replacement for outdated HLMV and Jed's Model Viewer.

2. Most notable features:

  • The program does not keep being in memory on exit like Jed's Model Viewer.
  • Supports models with 20,000 polys in each submodel.
  • Functionality is almost like in Jed's MV. (Except playing event sounds)
  • Automatic detection of view models. (View models already opened in first person camera, you can change camera view with V hotkey)
  • Proposes to save the model after making changes to it on exit.
  • Able to manipulate blending in animations.
  • Support of new texture flags, including Paranoia 2 ones.
  • Takes up little space on computer. (contains one .exe file only)
  • Supports lefthanded view-models for CS.
  • Able to change top and bottom colors of DM_Base and Remap Textures. (Added in 1.28 beta)
  • renaming textures in the Textures tab
  • Has build in editor to configure model origin, attachments, hitboxes, eye position, bound and clip boxes. (Added in 1.28 beta)
  • Has two edit modes: QC Source and Real Model.
  • Visual preview of muzzle-flashes. (When animation have appropriate events)
  • NEW: Support of Inverse Kinematics, JiggleBones  and Vertex Weights, Also you can visualize Vertex Weights like in Source Model Viewer.  (GoldSrc didn't support these features, they are for Paranoia 2: Savior)
  • NEW: Support of Animation Blending, 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 9-way.
  • NEW: Like in Jeds HLMV you can export UV Map from viewer.
  • NEW: MSAA for viewer screen.
  • NEW: When choosing combination of Bodygroups in model, viewer will write "Body" number for env_model and env_static to give that entity right Bodygroups.
  • NEW: Viewer adjust camera zoom about model size.
  • NEW: You can using left and right arrow keys switch models in one folder.
  • And many other changes.

3. Change log (translated from russian by google translator)

3.1. 1.31

  • Added a tool for renaming textures in the Textures tab.
  • The No Smooth checkbox has been changed to Smooth TBN in accordance with the update of the Paranoia renderer (will be available later).
  • Added checkbox Alpha Solid (for env_static) makes the alpha texture impassable. By default, it is considered that this is something like foliage. Actual for fences model.
  • A button has been added to convert the old version of texture coordinates (Fixed Point) to the new version of Half-Float. Use at your own risk and only if you do not have the source code from the old model.
  • fixed bug with modelka opening if its extension was in upper case.
  • Added sorting of translucent meshes. This is not entirely correct for GoldSource, but it is very relevant for ksasha and paranoia.
  • The old bone controller calculation mode is turned on for compatibility.
  • fixed bug in color remapping for DM_Base

4. Hot keys

 g - show ground
 h - show hitboxes
 o - show bones
 5 - increase transparency
 6 - reduce transparency
 b - show background texture
 s - enable \ disable stencil (for a mirror)
 m - show mirror
 v - firstperson view \ normal view
 l - Mirror left\right handed
 1 - rendermode wireframe
 2 - rendermode flat shaded
 3 - rendemode smooth shaded
 4 - rendermode texture shaded
 -\+ - Animation playback speed
 space - switch to the next sequence.
 left / right buttons - navigate through the models in the folder
 F5 - reboot model

5. P.S. - some warnings

Fullbright, Flatshade,Two side and other new flags are for Paranoia2 game texture abilities and other XASH engine games

6. Contacts

Creator of the tool Unkle Mike -
Forum - XASH 3d model viewer
Unkle Mike Paypall -
Here is an official link for the editor, the author uploads newest versions here