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BGM track list - A Modding Tool for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU).


This is a complete list of all tracks in this game, that contain music.
Everything, that isn't listed here are sound effects and noise.

Main Game:

BGM_Castle - Hyrule Castle: 
  • Channel 1&2 - outside
  • Channel 3&4 - inside
  • Channel 5&6 - additional percussion for battles

BGM_Dragon - When a dragon is near

BGM_DungeonBattle_main - every battle in shrines

BGM_DungeonBattle_outro - after Test of Strength

BGM_DungeonTutorial_lesson1 - Combat tutorial in Kakariko Shrine (Ta'loh Naeg)

BGM_DungeonTutorial_lesson2 - this tutorial is split into 4 phases

BGM_DungeonTutorial_lesson3 - every phase has a different track

BGM_DungeonTutorial_lesson4 - it start at the beginning

BGM_DungeonTutorial_outro - after the battle tutorial

BGM_envDay - plays in the overworld during the day(pattern hasn't been figuered out yet)

BGM_envNight - plays in the overworld during the night(pattern hasn't been figuered out yet)

BGM_FieldBattle - plays for normal fights and Yiga and Lynel battles. It works like this. And the exact data can be found here (made by jarnumber9).

BGM_GanonGrudgeBattle - Battle in the Devine beasts

BGM_GrudgeDragon - Battle against corrupted Naydra (also plays in the area around him)

BGM_GuardianFixed - Decayed Guardian

BGM_Guardian_main - Active Guardian (Run)

BGM_Guardian_outro - Active Guardian defeat

BGM_horseDay_loop - Riding a Horse during the day

BGM_horseDay_end - Stopping on a Horse during the day

BGM_horseNight_loop - Riding a Horse during the night

BGM_horseNight_end - Stopping on a Horse during the night

BGM_RemainsElec_A - Vah Naboris

BGM_RemainsElec_B0 - when a terminal gets activated

BGM_RemainsElec_B1 - the next track plays

BGM_RemainsElec_B2 - the B tracks start always at the position

BGM_RemainsElec_B3 - the previous track left of

BGM_RemainsElec_Z - but during transition A->B and B->Z it start from the beginning

BGM_RemainsFire_A - Vah Rudania

BGM_RemainsFire_B0 - it also starts from the beginning

BGM_RemainsFire_B1 - if the battle music starts playing




BGM_RemainsWater_A - Vah Ruta

BGM_RemainsWater_B0 - B0 starts form the first terminal

BGM_RemainsWater_B1 - not from the  Guidance Stone



BGM_RemainsWater_Z - Z plays when all terminals are activated

BGM_RemainsWind_A - Vah Medoh






BGM_SpBattle_AssassinBoss - Battle against Kogah

BGM_SpBattle_ForestGiant_main - Battle against a Hinox

BGM_SpBattle_ForestGiant_outro - Hinox outro

BGM_SpBattle_GanonBeast_Level1 - Battle agains Beast Ganon

BGM_SpBattle_GanonBeast_Level2 - starts playing after the second side has been shot

BGM_SpBattle_GanonBeast_Level3 - starts after the belly has been shot

BGM_SpBattle_Ganon_former - Battle against Calamity Ganon

BGM_SpBattle_Ganon_latter - Phase 2

BGM_SpBattle_Golem_main - Battle against Talus

BGM_SpBattle_Golem_outroLong - Talus outro 

BGM_SpBattle_RemainsElecBoss - Battle against Thunderblight Ganon

BGM_SpBattle_RemainsElecBoss_latter - Phase 2

BGM_SpBattle_RemainsFireBoss - Battle against Fireblight Ganon

BGM_SpBattle_RemainsFireBoss_latter - Phase 2

BGM_SpBattle_RemainsWaterBoss - Battle against Waterblight Ganon

BGM_SpBattle_RemainsWaterBoss_latter - Phase 2

BGM_SpBattle_RemainsWindBoss - Battle against Windblight Ganon

BGM_SpBattle_RemainsWindBoss_latter - Phase 2

BGM_spBattle_Sandworm_main1 - Molduga (buried)

BGM_spBattle_Sandworm_main2 - Molduga (after first hit)

BGM_spBattle_Sandworm_outro - Molduga (outro)

Bgm_Spot_AkkareAncientLabo - Akkala Ancient Tech Lab

BGM_Spot_AssassinBase - Sneaking around the Yiga base

BGM_Spot_CmnCave - Shrines in a Cave

BGM_Spot_CmnGoron - Shrines near Gorons

BGM_Spot_CmnHouse - House in the wild

BGM_Spot_CmnMountain - Shrines on mountains

BGM_Spot_CmnRuins - Shrines near Ruins

BGM_Spot_CmnVolcano - Shrines on the Volcano

BGM_Spot_CmnWild - Shrines in the wild

BGM_Spot_DesertSmallOasis - Kara Kara Bazaar

BGM_Spot_FairySpring - Fairy Fountain

BGM_Spot_FlightTrainingSpot - Flight Range

BGM_Spot_FrontierVillage_GerudoInvited - Tarrey Town-3

BGM_Spot_FrontierVillage_GoronInvited - Tarrey Town-2

BGM_Spot_FrontierVillage_Married - Tarrey Town-6

BGM_Spot_FrontierVillage_RitoInvited - Tarrey Town-4

BGM_Spot_FrontierVillage_Start - Tarrey Town-1

BGM_Spot_FrontierVillage_ZoraInvited - Tarrey Town-5

Bgm_Spot_HatenoAncinetLabo - Hateno Ancient Tech Lab

BGM_Spot_HorseGod - Malanya Spring

BGM_Spot_KakarikoVillage_Allday - Kakariko  (More info on town music at the bottom)

Bgm_Spot_MamonoShop - Kilton shop

BGM_Spot_NewGerudoCity_Allday - Gerudo City

BGM_Spot_NewGoronCity_Allday - Goron City

BGM_Spot_NewHatenoVillage_Allday - Hateno

BGM_Spot_NewKoroguForest_Allday - Korok forest

BGM_Spot_NewZoraVillage_Allday - Zora Domain

BGM_Spot_NorthMine - North mine (lava lake between Goron City and the peak)

BGM_Spot_ObservationPost - Observation post in the desert

BGM_Spot_RitoVillage_Allday - Rito Village

BGM_Spot_SheikersTower - plays on/around Sheikers Towers (apparently the base is the loudest)

BGM_Spot_SouthernVillage_Allday - Lurelin Village

BGM_Spot_TempleOfTime - Temple of Time

BGM_Spot_Umayado - Stables (channel 3&4 are for Kass)

BGM_Spot_WaterSide (Shrines on/around water)

BGM_SpSpot_AnimalMaster - Satoru Ivata's grave (when he's there)

BGM_spSpot_CastleTown - ruins of Castle Town

BGM_SpSpot_MazeForest_main - Maze/Lost Woods/dark forest bgm

BGM_SpSpot_Musician - Kass

BGM_TemperatureBurn00 - Volcano

BGM_TemperatureBurn01 - Can be replaced with full tracks

BGM_TemperatureBurn02 - if the tracks loop it will only play TemperatureBurn00 (could be wrong)

BGM_TemperatureBurn03 - if they don't the next track plays when the current one is finished



BGM_TemperatureCold00 - ice areas/ when the temperature is below freezing



BGM_TemperatureHot00 - desert area, when the sun is shining







Demo101_0_SoundTrack - The King tells his tale

Demo102_0_SoundTrack - The Hero Awakens

Demo103_0_SoundTrack - The Hero sees light

Demo104_0_SoundTrack - Deku Tree Awakens

Demo105_0_SoundTrack - Impas tale of Hyrule

Demo105_1_SoundTrack - Kass tale of Hyrule

Demo109_1_SoundTrack - Zelda returns the Holy Blade

Demo109_2_SoundTrack - Link swings the MasterSword

Demo110_0_SoundTrack - Menacing VahRudania

Demo111_0_SoundTrack - Menacing VahMedoh

Demo112_0_SoundTrack - Menacing VahRuta

Demo113_0_SoundTrack - Menacing VahNaboris

Demo114_0_SoundTrack - Jumping on VahRudania

Demo115_0_SoundTrack - Defeated FireBlight

Demo116_0_SoundTrack - VahRudania Aims

Demo117_0_SoundTrack - Jumping on VahMedoh

Demo118_0_SoundTrack - Defeated WindBlight

Demo119_0_SoundTrack - VahMedoh Aims

Demo120_0_SoundTrack - Jumping on VahRuta

Demo121_0_SoundTrack - Defeated WaterBlight

Demo122_0_SoundTrack - VahRuta Aims

Demo123_0_SoundTrack - Jumping on VahNaboris

Demo124_0_SoundTrack - Defeated ThunderBlight

Demo125_0_SoundTrack - VahNaboris Aims

Demo126_0_SoundTrack - Memory 1: A Boring Ceremony

Demo127_0_SoundTrack - Memory 2: Zelda Complains

Demo128_0_SoundTrack - Memory 3: Zelda at the Ruins

Demo129_0_SoundTrack - Memory 4: Link fights the Yiga

Demo130_0_SoundTrack - Memory 5: Zelda patches Link up after fights

Demo131_0_SoundTrack - Memory 6: Eat the Frog

Demo132_0_SoundTrack - Memory 7: Link & Zelda on Horses

Demo133_0_SoundTrack - Memory 8: Zelda doubts herself

Demo134_0_SoundTrack - Memory 9: Zelda & Father

Demo135_0_SoundTrack - Memory 10: Zelda at the spring

Demo136_0_SoundTrack - Memory 11: Ganon awakens

Demo137_0_SoundTrack - Memory 12: Zelda & Link escape

Demo138_0_SoundTrack - Memory 13: Zelda awakens her power

Demo139_0_SoundTrack - Epilog

Demo140_0_SoundTrack - Enter Hyrule Castle

Demo141_0_SoundTrack - WindBlight Castle

Demo141_1_SoundTrack - FireBlight Castle

Demo141_2_SoundTrack - ThunderBlight Castle

Demo141_3_SoundTrack - WaterBlight Castle

Demo141_4_SoundTrack - Blight Fight Intro Castle

Demo142_0_SoundTrack - Ganon breaks free

Demo143_0_SoundTrack - Revali Beam

Demo143_1_SoundTrack - Daruk Beam

Demo143_2_SoundTrack - Urbosa Beam

Demo143_3_SoundTrack - Mipha Beam

Demo143_4_SoundTrack - Beams combined

Demo145_0_SoundTrack - Ganon defeated

Demo146_0_SoundTrack - Calamaty Ganon & Light Bow

Demo146_1_SoundTrack - Calamaty Ganon & Light Bow (different Horse)

Demo147_0_SoundTrack - Sealing Ganon

Demo148_0_SoundTrack - Thank you Hero of Hyrule

Demo149_0_SoundTrack - Skyward Sword Credits (unused)

Demo149_1_SoundTrack - Cretits + after-credit-scene

Demo150_0_SoundTrack - Memory Daruk

Demo151_0_SoundTrack - Memory Revali

Demo152_0_SoundTrack - Memory Mipha

Demo153_0_SoundTrack - Memory Urbosa

Demo154_1_SoundTrack - old man reveals himself

Demo154_2_SoundTrack - old man dissapears

Demo155_0_SoundTrack - WindBlight Ganon intro

Demo156_0_SoundTrack - Vah Madoh End

Demo158_0_SoundTrack - ThunderBlight Ganon intro

Demo159_0_SoundTrack - Vah Naboris End

Demo160_0_SoundTrack - FireBlight Ganon intro

Demo161_0_SoundTrack - Vah Rudania End

Demo162_0_SoundTrack - WaterBlight Ganon intro

Demo163_0_SoundTrack - Vah Ruto End

Demo165_0_SoundTrack - first Bloodmoon Cutscene


Demo165_2_SoundTrack - various

Demo165_3_SoundTrack - Bloodmoon

Demo165_4_SoundTrack - Cutscenes


Demo166_0_SoundTrack - Sheikahtower rises

Demo174_0_SoundTrack - Meeting new Bird Champion

Demo175_0_SoundTrack - Meeting Yomu

Demo176_0_SoundTrack - Meeting Riju

Demo177_0_SoundTrack - Meeting Sidon

Event_BGM_AssassinAppear - Yiga appears

Event_BGM_AssassinBossDemo_loop - Kogah talks

Event_BGM_FairyAppear - Great Fairy opens fountain

Event_BGM_FirstGroundLocation - completely new location

Event_BGM_FlightTraining - Minigame at the flight Range

Event_BGM_GamanContest - Minigame: stand on a hot plate

Event_BGM_GerudoLeaderDemo - Riju's theme

Event_BGM_GetMasterSword - Master Sword Getto Da Ze!

Event_Bgm_GetTrophy - Trophy from Ferudo race

Event_BGM_IchikaraWedding - wedding at Tarrey town

Event_BGM_Impa - Impa's theme

Event_BGM_KorogMinister - Korok dance

Event_BGM_MiniGameGolf - Minigame Golf

Event_BGM_MiniGameHunt - Minigame Hunt

Event_BGM_MiniGameParasail - Minigame flying

Event_Bgm_MinigameRace01 - Mingame racing

Event_BGM_MovingIchikara - on to Tarrey town

Event_BGM_MusicianTalkHint1-8 - Shrine Quests from Kass

Event_BGM_MusicianThemeEnding - Song from Kass

Event_BGM_PlayerDressUp - Crosdresser Link

Event_Bgm_RaceStartFanfare - 3,2,1 Start

Event_BGM_RemainsElecBattle - Attacking Vah Naboris (channels 3&4 only when you are by Riju's side)

Event_BGM_RemainsFireBattle_A - Attacking Vah Rudania - phase 1

Event_BGM_RemainsFireBattle_B - phase 2

Event_BGM_RemainsWaterBattle - Attacking Vah Ruta

Event_BGM_RemainsWindBattle_Intro - talking before the attack

Event_BGM_RemainsWindBattle_Main - Attacking Vah Medoh

Event_BGM_RememberBgm - Memory intro

Event_BGM_RememberComplete - all memories finished

Event_BGM_RitoBrosDemo - Rito siblings

Event_BGM_SheikersTowerOpen - activating Sheiker towers

Event_BGM_SnowBowling - Minigame snow bowling

Event_BGM_VagrantAppear - Old man falls from the sky

Event_BGM_ZoraPrinceCheer - Sidon Talk Version 1

Event_BGM_ZoraPrinceTalk - Sidon Talk Version 2


BGM_FinalTrialDungeon_B0 - Final Dungeon

BGM_FinalTrialDungeon_B1 - behaves like the other dungeons

BGM_FinalTrialDungeon_B2 - but doesn't use the battle theme and stays with the dungeon theme


BGM_FinalTrialDungeon_Z - Starts at the beginning

BGM_SpBattle_FinalTrialBoss_Level1 - Fight against Monk

BGM_SpBattle_FinalTrialBoss_Level2 - Use looping tracks!

BGM_SpBattle_FinalTrialBoss_Level3 - It starts the next track at the position the previous left off

BGM_SpBattle_FinalTrialBoss_Level4 - the .bars file doesn't need to be changed for this track (it's weird)

BGM_SpBattle_FinalTrialBoss_Transform - plays between 1&2 and 2&3

BGM_Spot_CmnHero - Shrines of the Champion Ballad

BGM_SpSpot_Acco_Daruk - Kass at Vah Rudania

BGM_SpSpot_Acco_Mipha - Kass at Vah Ruta

BGM_SpSpot_Acco_Revali - Kass at Vah Medoh

BGM_SpSpot_Acco_Urbosa - Kass at Vah Naboris

Event_BGM_Acco - Kass accordion-songs

Event_BGM_ChampionsBalladClear - Clear different phases of the Ballad

Event_BGM_CompleteMasterSword - Mastersword Awakening

Event_BGM_DekuTreeDemo - Deku Tree talking

Event_BGM_DlcStaffRoll - Champions Ballad credits

Event_BGM_EnduranceDungeonClear00 - Trial of the Sword complete 1

Event_BGM_EnduranceDungeonClear01 - Trial of the Sword complete 2

.bars exclusive:

RelicBeamBgm - Demo143_BGM - Theme of the Devine Beasts beam attack (needs to be shorter then 1525966 samples!)

DungeonBgm & DungeonNormalBgm & DungeonRewardBgm - Shrine Music; It is made out of instrument snippets that get played in a predetermined way in shrine.

Please make sure, when you replace a track, to also replace the corresponding .bars file if it is bigger then ~4 kb

Tracks that have a day / night version are marked with allday and have a special way to change between them that isn't possible to replace with the usual method. Here is a tutorial on how to do this.
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    I'm using a music mod currently and wanted to swap some tracks in it around but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to get that to work. Is there some kind of way to change what track the .bars files replace as just changing the file name doesn't work (I'm not good this kinda stuff).
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    Hello there. I just spent 20 hours replacing music files in BotW and I nearly shat myself when I read the part that said Please make sure, when you replace a track, to also replace the corresponding .bars file if it is bigger then ~4 kb.
    Every guide I ever read on replacing the music in BotW failed to mention this crucial step. Could you please explain how I would make .bars files for the .bfstm files that I already added to the game? Can i just convert .bfstm into .bars, or maybe I take the original music file and convert that instead? Please help, I am a noob at this kind of stuff :(
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