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VPK Manager - A Modding Tool for Team Fortress 2


Update 1.6 A2 Public Test 2d
  • Feature TF2C and OF Mod support!
  • Feature Create Mod Details!
  • Feature Improved Main Menu User Interface!
Requires .NET 4.5 framework, not the older .NET 4.0 framework.

This uses a custom-made installer, and older settings will not be imported.

This public test is merely for user experience. I'm still figuring out how to do the metadata, and determines if a mod has a newer version and allows the user to install and replace the old version.

Back-up functionality is ONLY available if you download the Patreon version.

Please don't purchase anything, it's a work-in-progress.

Support Status

Currently Supported VPK Manager

  • Version 1.6 A2
  • Version to 1.5.8
  • Version 1.2.1 Long-Term Support

Unsupported VPK Manager

  • Version 1.6 A0 and A1
  • Version 1.0 to 1.5.2.x (Exclude LTS, unless otherwise stated)
Long-Term Support 1.2.1 3mo Addition Refactor BugFix2 Update 1.5.8 4mo BugFix3 Update 1.5.7 9mo Addition3 Tweak BugFix Update 1.5.6 10mo Addition3 Tweak Overhaul

A simple VPK mover

1. Introduction

1.1. Main

VPK Manager is a simply application that you can manage one or multiple VPK add-ons to and fro your Team Fortress 2.

1.2. Secondary

VPK Manager do have a simply Back-Up and Restore functionality, allowing you to back-up your existing TF2 VPKs and restore them if you modded it incorrectly.

2. Limitation

There are limitations to this application:

  1. Loose Folder Mods in Custom folder are not detected
  2. Workshop VPK are not supported
  3. Raw Snapshot

3. Usage

Here's a tutorial on how to use VPK Manager

4. Tool Motivation

I have multiple system drive, and my Steam and its game library was installed away from the OS drive, and to keep things tidy, I saved it like this: D:\Apps\Games\Steam.

I realised that the full directory to Team Fortress 2 Custom directory is: D:\Apps\Games\Steam\Steam Library\Common\ Team Fortress 2\tf\Custom. It is damn long.

Not only that, if I'm testing mods out, I have multiple File Explorer open up:

  1. TF2 Custom
  2. Temporary Folder
  3. Decompiled/Source materials (usually 3-5 folders)

That's for a new mod, however, if I'm updating existing mod, I need to keep the original VPK safe, or if I screwed something up, I need a way to restore the VPKs.

Sure, I did created multiple shortcuts, but it is just one issue. The other issue such as:

  1. Switching multiple tabs, and often get lost in the process (even with dual monitors and doing testing on incomplete mod).
  2. Reduce steps to copy-paste or move.

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