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Crow Control [BETA]

A Modding Tool for Celeste


Version 1.0.9 11d
  • Improvement Removed notification when automatically reconnecting.
  • Feature Added option to mute the audio of crow.
  • Feature Added !feather command.
  • BugFix Fixed random bumps
I've been busy but still want to work on this! I see people are still enjoying it and that makes me happy!
Version 1.0.8 8mo Feature Version 1.0.7 1y BugFix Version 1.0.6 1y BugFix3 Feature2 Version 1.0.5 1y Addition

Engage your Twitch viewers while playing Celeste!

Note: This mod makes use of transactions involving real world money. Users on Twitch under the age of majority may only make purchases with the permission of a parent or guardian. If you are a minor or a content creator with child-friendly content, this should be kept in mind.

Crow Control is a Twitch integration mod where the viewers vote on actions that happen to the streamer. Viewers vote with their Channel Points or donate bits to bypass the vote limit.

This mod is still in beta phase, so there might be bugs! Please report them to me!

Known bugs:

If you start up the game with the mod disabled and enable it, you have to restart the game

These will be fixed soon!

  • Die: outright kills the player.
  • Blur: makes the screen blurred.
  • Bump: bounces the player in a random direction, restores dash.
  • Seeker: spawns a seeker at a random location in the current room.
  • Mirror (timed): the level is mirrored.
  • Kevin: spawns a Kevin block above the player, it will attempt to squish the player.
  • Disable Grab (timed): grab is disabled.
  • Invisible (timed): the player is invisible when moving.
  • Invert (timed): left/right controls are inverted.
  • Low Friction (timed): tiles are slippery!
  • Oshiro: spawns an angry Oshiro!
  • Snowball: spawns a snowball in the level.
  • Double Dash: gives the player two dashes.
  • God Mode (timed): makes the player invincible.
    and maybe a hidden command?
  • Fish: spawns a blowfish in the level at a random location.
  • Wind: spawns wind in a room! This command has parameters, examples: !wind left, !wind right, !wind up, !wind down. This uses a voting system, example: if you have 5 votes and 3 of  them are left, 2 of them are right, the wind will go left after the last vote.
  • Feather: spawns a feather exactly where the player is.

Configurations for streamers:

Install the mod like you would any other Celeste mod,  use the Everest one-click installer. You can also manually install the mod by downloading the .zip and putting it in your Celeste/Mods folder.

After this you start up the game and set up your desired options. 

This mode does not require channel points, you can turn the "Require Channel Points" option off in the mod settings and you will be able to use normal Twitch chat.

To set up a custom channel point reward go to, click on "Manage Rewards", and then on "Add New Custom Reward". My custom reward looks something like this: 
Make sure you require viewers to enter text, or they wont be able to input commands!

After this you can you back ingame, connect to your own twitch channel and start playing the game. Viewers will now be able to execute the custom reward and stuff should start happening in-game!

Source code:
Source can be found here:

Contact me:
If you wish to give me feedback/suggestions of any sort, feel free to add me on Discord: (mrstaneh#5961), ping me in the Celeste Discord, or post it right in here!


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Tool



Superdash command Low Priority
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  • So I have a question. Should I use Crow Control or Warp World's Crowd Control? Is there any difference or are they just the same?
    URL to post:
  • As a person who is currently on a mac, this mod works perfectly fine on MacOSX!

    P.S. You don't need to be streaming to twitch for it to work! You could stream to your friends on discord or to youtube, they still have to use the commands in twitch chat.
    Bananite avatar
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  • Does the mod randomly do commands every once in a while? Nobody in my chat did commands but sometimes it just bumps me.

    VOD link:

    Also, zooming is pretty broken:
    (though I don't know if this is an issue with Everest or not...this is my first time using mods lol)
    URL to post:
  • Kyle_r avatar
    Kyle_r Joined 7mo ago
    7mo 7mo
    A friend gave this a go tonight - there seemed to be an issue with snowballs. Whenever one was summoned by a viewer, the room would begin spawning snowballs thereafter as if it was meant to, persisting through death (like in the Chapter 4/7 rooms with snowballs), until a screen transition occurred. Installed mods and versions:

    Everest 1.1792 o-azure d5567
    Crowcontrol 1.0.8
    Prideline 1.0.0

    Clip of this behaviour:

    Not sure if it was a bug, or some setting we'd overlooked! It otherwise worked great, and we had a lot of fun.
    URL to post:
  • Toenterman avatar
    Toenterman Joined 8mo ago
    It connects with twitch, it shows it has been requested, but it doesn't spawn the object or does the action please help.
    URL to post:
  • Someone threw a snowball in the first mirror world cutscene [ch5], and that led to a softlock. Latest version btw.

    URL to post:
  • waomoises avatar
    waomoises Joined 1y ago
    101 points Ranked 74,839th
    what about youtube because im 10 but im not old enough for twitch

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Coding Help
Fixing !kevin
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MrStaneh Joined 1y ago
445 points Ranked 48,594th
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MIT License (click here)



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