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PSO2 NIFL Model, Bone, and Anim Tool

A Modding Tool for Phantasy Star Online 2


BugFix 10d
  • BugFix Fixed LOD ALWAYS importing
  • BugFix Fixed weight importing on some models
1.5 10d 1.4.2 Update 1y 1.4.1 Update 1y

PSO2 NIFL Model Tool

This is a tool for importing PSO2 models, skeletons, and animations to 3ds Max as well as exporting for skeletons and animations. Full model export is planned for the future. 

Note that large model and animation imports can be rather slow. Please be patient!

For instructions, read on:

For those bothered about it being for 3ds max, remember that you can get a FREE student version here:

Let me know about any bugs you might run into, but I feel like this could be very useful to people.

And before you ask, YES, this could potentially import characters in their entirety. It imports character models fine at the moment, but assembling everything is an issue. If people want to help with reverse engineering a bit to find where to get file references from a character creator file, where to pull filenames from, and how to dehash them, I'd be happy to work on an import script for that. As is, you can import all of those things separately (Though UV maps for layered wear and cast parts will expect a larger, combined texture of the textures of all parts as the game creates itself in memory).

Model Usage:

1. Extract a model from its PSO2 archive (use deicer or repacker for this)

1b. If using repacker, strip the header either manually in hex or with the stripheader power script provided

2. Put the aqo file you get into a folder with the NIFL Tool and run the ObjectExportBatch script (will process all aqos in the folder)

3. Drag the ImportVColorObj script into 3ds max, select the options you want (pso2 bones are needed for rigging clearly), hit import, and select the .obj and its .aqn.

4. For larger models this may take a few minutes (Yamato is the longest I've seen, but it works; just be patient), but you're done!

AQN Skeleton Export:


That aside, for best results please match and follow patterns of ingame hierarchy user defined variables etc. although these are not necessary for a working export.

Animation Usage:

1. With a model loaded from the previous method, drag the PSO2AQM_IO script into 3ds max and hit Load PSO2 Anim

2. Pick an .aqm for your model

3. Done. Shouldn't take very long, but larger animations can obviously be a moment.

Advanced AQM I/O Usage Notes:

-Clear Anim Data on Load attempts to clear animation frames on models before importing a new animation. Usually works, but worst case, just reload the model to its bind pose.

-Y-Z Flip Anim should match what you used for Y-Z Axis Flip on model import. Pretty self explanatory.

-Ignore Standard Translation Keys is for models like the mini rappy suit. Most things will not need this, but otherwise you'll get models like Pikachu using Captain Falcon's Brawl animations.

-Match bone names is for attempting to match animations to models that don't normally use them. This will likely be screwy, but can probably be useful with manual correction. Worst case, it will probably be funny.

-Base Scale is to match up with the Rescale option in import script. As models scaled using the model importer are scaled as they are made rather than after via the root bone, this helps to ensure things match up.

-Heeled Outfit? is basically for player models with heels. If you click it, you can edit the value manually, but otherwise it will do its best to calculate the value for you based on your model. Keep in mind Y-Z Flip Anim will affect this and assumes you have the correct setting.


This works for terrain .trp models and .trn bones too, if you wanted to get a terrain model or whatever.

Anyways, if anyone does anything cool with this stuff, I'd love to know about it.

PSO2 modding discord link is here for those who want to bug me more directly:


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Chris Cookson
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