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Character Mod Swapper - A Modding Tool for Mario Kart 8


Version 1.0.2b 8mo
  • BugFix Yoshi & Shy Guy texture files issue fixed
Version 1.0.2a 1y BugFix Improvement Tweak Version 1.0.2 1y BugFix Improvement2 Version 1.0.1 2y BugFix
This is my own, personally-created Mod Manager program that has been configured for Mario Kart 8 characters, making it quick and easy to switch between character mods. It supports nearly all files a character mod may have, including sound, emblem and kart texture mods. Unfortunately, it does not support menu and race icons.

It is designed for use with Cafiine or SDCafiine. It should work with Cemu if mods are being loaded through the graphicpack menu, but I have not tested it.

It can also be customized to work with almost any Wii U game (see the advanced section in the included ReadMe for details).

Setting Up

The JRE is now included with the application. No separate download required!

This program requires that JRE (Java Runtime Environment) be installed on your PC. It can be downloaded at the following link:

There should be a folder in the same directory as Mod Manager named Characters. In the Characters folder there should be a sub-folder for each character in Mario Kart 8. For each mod, create a sub-folder in the folder of the character that the mod replaces, and name that sub-folder the name of the mod.

For example, if there was a Spongebob mod that replaced Mario, a directory should be created within the Mario folder named Spongebob. If there was a Patrick mod that replaced Wario, a folder named Patrick should be created within the Wario folder. The paths should look like the following:



Inside the created folder, place the mod file(s), and make sure they are named the same as they are in the game's file system. Menu and racing icons are not supported due to the fact that they must be injected into another file, but nearly all other files belonging to a character mod are.

For example, Spongebob's file would have a path like this:


If the Spongebob mod has a sound mod, it would be placed in the folder too:


Same with any files other files that might be included, like an emblem mod:


It is also completely fine to have the mod files in subfolders. For example, all of the following paths will work:




Using Mod Manager

When Mod Manager is first launched, it will ask for the directory named content and present a dialog box for choosing the folder. The content folder is the folder that Cafiine or SDCafiine uses to store your Mario Kart mods. It should be located in the vol folder. Choose that specific folder.

WARNING: Choosing the incorrect folder could cause Mod Manager to create folders and mod files in an undesirable place on your computer system. Make sure the correct folder is chosen.

After that, Mod Manager should run and (if the mods were set up properly) a list of all the mods for each character should be visible. Click the mods on each list that you want to use. Click the "Default" option if you do not want to use a mod with that character. If you do not choose an option on a character's list, Mod Manager will not change that character's files (in other words, whatever option that was chosen last will remain active).

Once you have chosen the mods that you want to use, click the Apply button, and the chosen mods will be applied. A message box should appear saying that the mods were applied.

WARNING: Mod Manager obviously deletes and changes files belonging to character mods in Mario Kart 8's Cafiine/SDCafiine directory. Make sure to set up ALL of your character mods for use with Mod Manager before you use it (or make a backup of the mods). I am not responsible for any character mods that may have been lost because proper precautions were not taken.


"My mods aren't showing up." - "The names of the mod options are strange or messed up.

The mods are probably not set up correctly. Double check the examples above in the "Set Up" section and make sure the folders created and mod files used are in the correct folder and are named correctly.

"When I choose some mod options and click apply, a message appears saying that it was successful, but the mods are not appearing in the game."

Make sure you chose the correct content folder when Mod Manager was first opened. You can re-select the content folder from the File menu. Also, make sure that the mod files are named correctly.

"When I choose some mod options and click apply, no message appears saying that it was successful, or Mod Manager crashes."

Check to see if there is an update for Mod Manager, otherwise contact me with more details of the error.

"Message: Cannot delete the mod file" - "Message: Cannot Write File"

Try closing Mod Manager, right-clicking Mod Manager in Explorer and choosing "Run as Administrator". Also, if you are using SDCafiine, make sure that the SD card is inserted.

If you are encountering a different issue or are still unable to fix the problem, contact me with more details and I will do my best to find a solution.