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    Julian0555 Joined 3y ago
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    It looks as if faces have no rigging, which leads me to believe that facial animations are shape keys? Just an assumption but if it is true are they extractable?
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    RobowilOFFICIAL username pic Joined 2y ago
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    This works for extracting character models, but if it's possible, do you think you could update this so that it can support the stage models/objects? I keep getting an error when trying to extract them.

    Also, for some reason, Chrome said this was a "harmful file," but I was able to work around that. No issues aside from that.
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    PFP drawn by SirNF
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    rveyrand Joined 1mo ago
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    I wonder if it can be adapted to extract stuff from All Star racing transformed.

    the file format being close.

    here is the SASRT .bms script (use it on the .toc files):

    and here is a file sample (format is .cpu.spc and .gpu.spc)

    Edit: just as a fact, SASRT can still be played with the uncompressed data files, like TSR (wonder if it could lead to game moddings?)

    Edit 2: I compared the game files in an hexadecimal editor: they are with the same header and structure
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    Sewer56lol Joined 2y ago
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    Congrats on being dedicated enough to step up to the job.
    I honestly thought the game would just die after release and sit quietly like its predecessor.
    Sonic Heroes' Overlord
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  • Muzzarino avatar
    Muzzarino Joined 2mo ago
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    access_time 1mo
    Thanks. Been looking for a way to extract the cars to preview the vinyls I'm making for my NFS project.
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