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Speedrun Tool - A Modding Tool for Celeste.

Chinese version of readme


  • Create save states to practice certain segments of the room, automatically loaded after death. Customizable keyboard/controller shortcut for saving and loading.
  • Room timer compatible with Summit flags. Personal best is recorded.
  • Statistics on deaths, including location, time lost, etc.
  • Use the debug map with just the gamepad, pressed confirm button is sent Madeline to the selection room, and the push right joystick zooms the debug map.
  • Debug mode F6 teleport bug-fix – Dream blocks and Badeline not activating in Old Site, incorrect ice/fire state in Core, Celestial Resort huge mess hall being strangely lit, etc.





  • A huge shout-out to Extremely OK Games, Ltd. for designing Celeste, it has been my favorite platformer ever since.
  • Everest – Celeste Mod Loader and modding API, making this Mod a reality.
  • Ahorn – Map maker and level editor, useful for identifying different entities in the game.
  • FMOD – Curated library of high-quality sound effects for games and released Celeste complete audio project.
  • xiguabuhbai, Evansfight, Lev067, sonicyellow, nameguy– Mod tester.
  • rjdimo – Shameless self-promoting translator of this readme file.
  • Markers011 avatar
    Markers011 Joined 2y ago
    Love the tool and it has made my practice way more efficient. Highly recommend for anybody getting into speedrunning.

    Also, less conventional, but it's fantastic for golden berry practice. I like to learn the first room, then set an auto-reload save state at the start of that room while learning the second room. So while I'm learning the second room, I have to get consistent at the first because I have to get through it each time. Move the save state forward one room once you feel consistent. Continue this way throughout the chapter. (Make sure you save state before entry to only get entry cycles). Then when you've completed the chapter and have strats, you can use save-states with auto-reload to do mini-goldens for checkpoints or tough series of rooms because a death will send you back to the save state. Very helpful.

    Just wanted to submit 2 feature ideas to consider:
    1. Ability to select checkpoint timing instead of room timing (which allows you to re-enter rooms and time Central Chamber without a flag)
    2. Ability to lock your PB (in case you're timing a potentially faster strat vs a normal strat)
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  • It's pretty nice for if you ever get into celeste speedrunning.
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    Can you add the ability to automatically skip cutscenes?
    Shattered and Lost
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