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Sonic 4 Mod Loader - A Modding Tool for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I


Introducing... Alice Mod Loader + MM rewritten 12d
  • Feature Added Alice Mod Loader by RadiantDerg
  • Refactor Mod Manager rewritten
  • Removal Removed simple log generation from AMBPatcher
  • Addition AMBPatcher should be able to read mobile files again
  • BugFix Bug fixes and other improvements
This release bundles One-Click Mod Installer from v0.1.4.8 since it hasn't been rewritten yet.
Significant Performance Update 8mo Refactor Optimization Tweak BugFix Redesigned One-Click Mod Installer & new features! 2y Feature2 Improvement2 BugFix3 Refactor 1-Click Mod Installer and some other things 3y Feature6 BugFix2 Addition Old Mods Compatibility, Sub-Patching, Big Files 3y Feature3 Addition2 Tweak Improvement BugFix
Mod Loader for Sonic 4

Supported games:
Note: you need to install the Mod Loader separately for each game.

  • Launch the Mod Manager directly from Steam (or other default shortcuts)
  • Partial compatibility with "before mod loader" mods (no music/sound mods)
  • Mod Manager has the "Random" button for a better modding experience
  • Interface is designed for use on 720p monitors
  • Easy to create mods - place your files into the right folder and go! (if you manage to properly edit the files, of course)
  • One-Click Mod Installer can automatically install mods with 1-Click integration and from local archives and directories, including Dolphin texture mods, and updates for Mod Loader

Online documentation is available on GitHub.
Frequently asked questions are also on GitHub.
Join our Sonic 4 Modding Discord Server.

Did you know? If you have One-Click Mod Installer enabled, you can install updates for this Mod Loader by pressing the "1-CLICK INSTALL" button bellow!
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  • Como pongo mods a sonic 4 episode 1 ya se que hay que instalar este mod loader pero no se como poner los mods (no pedir hablar ingles porque soy de latam)
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    android support?
    sonic fan
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  • The7SuperStars avatar
    The7SuperStars Joined 3y ago
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    6mo 6mo
    Since I downloaded the latest version, it hasn't worked at all.

    The installation status is "Installed," I have the mods I want to load ticked, but it doesn't load them. It just boots the game as normal.

    (edit: it's working now, thanks for the help. pretty sure I was the one who caused the issue in the first place.)
    Sonic was never good - IGN
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  • Snocgamer avatar
    Snocgamer Joined 9mo ago
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    I hate this SO MUCH. I installed it and I loaded my mods and when I opened the game it didn't work. I looked at the mod manager launcher and it said that it couldn't find the directory that my game was in. EVEN THOUGH I PUT THE MOD MANAGER AND LOADER RIGHT WHERE THE SONIC.EXE FILE IS LOCATED. So I tried to reinstall it and now all of a sudden I can't redownload it because my computer says it's a virus. I can't even try and download individual files that are required to run it. Next time you guys update the mod manager, make sure to include INSTRUCTIONS on how to use it CORRECTLY so that mistakes like this don't happen.
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    mirroredgem Joined 2y ago
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    I can't get Sonic 4:1 to launch with controller support no matter what I try. It won't respond to keyboard controls either.
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  • where did you find the mods in the picture
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  • Hidden for: Shouting, duplicate
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  • why no chest and i test  chest table it not work

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  • nomad2011 avatar
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    i wish you made for pirate copy's 
    • wtf x 2
    Mr Request
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  • There aren't any cheats.
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