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Sonic Adventure 1/2 Anim Import/Export MaxScript

A Modding Tool for Sonic Adventure 2

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V1.5 Release 10d
  • Addition Autogenerates anim properties
This update makes it so the "Settings" object is no longer necessary. You can export animations without issue, although to go ingame will require minor manual fixing for the properties at the moment.
V1.4 Release 18d Addition Adjustment V 1.3 Release 1y BugFix Notes about current bugs 1y Amendment
*Script tested on 3ds Max 2017. May work on as old as 2013, but not tested for older versions and will not be updated to support them.*

Basically, this imports and exports animations for Sonic Adventure DX PC and Sonic Adventure 2 PC so long as you can extract them (This may not work with GC/DC releases, but you can use these for those models). 

To use this:
1.   Download SA Tools
2.   Make sure you have the SADX or SA2 mod loader installed and open the Project Manager. Create a new a project for your game of choice and let it split its files. This will take time.
3.   After the split finishes, convert all .saanim files for the character(s) you want by dragging them individually to the AnimJsonConverter.
4a. Export SA1 models from SAMDL as collada/Assimp DAE format. 
4b. For SA2 models, for now* download from here (Credit to ItsEasyActually)
Export SA2 models from SAMDL as Assimp DAE format. 
5.   Drag the SaanimJsonIO script into 3ds max and you'll see a window pop up. Select a load type based on your game. If you're just importing to Max, you're done!

1. Check the user properties of the "Settings" dummy object after you've imported an animation. Check that the animation name matches the name of what you're trying to replace. If for whatever reason taking an animation from an abnormal character (ex. Mech Tails to Sonic) or for one of their effects like the mech punching gloves, be sure that ModelParts is what it should be for that character.
2. Hit export for your game!

Note:   This script expects the desired import to be the ONLY thing in the scene. Anything that did not come from your .DAE (or the dummy from the SADX import) should NOT be there or                   you may get undesirable results.
Note2: Please reimport or open a clean save of your model before importing more animations. The animation may have artifacts from previous animations otherwise (ie. Sonic's head staying tilted from something else). 

* Essentially, they cannot be properly exported through SAMDL as of this writing. In the future when this changes, this script will be updated. On the plus side, this download contains the models for all costumes of every character from DC SA2 AND Battle. Upgrade models are included as unskinned .sa2mdls though currently they cannot be exported through sa2mdl so you would need to get them another way. 

SA Tools got updated. The above download is still a nice rip, but it's no longer necessary.



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    I'm still waiting for the day where we get to import custom models.
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    I've been having a few issues mostly regarding importing,such as SADX anims giving me a runtime error and SA2 giving me the invalid anim error.Any way to fix these?I'm using 3DS Max 2014 btw.
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    Get your files right.
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