Xash3D ModelViewer (P2MV) ver 1.30 stable

A Modding Tool for Goldsource Engine


1. High-poly models support(20k poly per submodel).
2. Absence of errors inherent in the Jeds HLMV and original.
3. Visualization of monsters walking animation through the floor.bmp texture (included)
4. Visualization of model normals.
5. Automatic determination of v-models and switching their display to a first person view, as well as FOV correction for models from P2: Savior.
6. Support for inverse kinematics, JiggleBones and weighting on models (for P2: Savior).
7. Ability to change the color of remap-textures for models and test the correctness of their work.
8. Built-in editor that allows you to adjust the eye position, the center of the model, hitboxes, attachments, set bbox and clipbox.
9. Ability to change attributes of textures in the model and save them.
10. The editor of global flags with detailed description (usually these effects are inherited from the first Quake, but in Goldsource and Xash3D they also work).
11. Blending animation support: 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 9-way. You can change blender values just in moving sliders in two axes.
12. Ability to display UV-map, import and export of UV-MAP, like on Jeds HLMV
13. All editor settings are now saved to the registry, you do not have to re-write them every time.
14. When choosing a combination of body groups, a number will be calculated in front of the tab, which should be entered in the "body" field of the entity to get the desired combination for env_model or env_static. Usefull thing.
15. Corrected mirror image of the model.
16. Build-in MSAA for the viewer window.
17. Smooth transition between animations when they are changed (like in the game).
18. Ability to display left or righthanded models (for example for CS).
19. Auto-adjusting the zoom and distance depending on the model size. Now on giant skyboxes the speed of navigation and zoom is exactly the same as on standard size models, and the texture of the floor will help visually attach to the scale of the model.
20. Vertexes weighting (for P2: Savior or other xash engine games).

Differences from previous version:
- Fixed a bug with transparency sliders and texture scale
- several minor fixes in the editor

Update at: 01/23/2018
- Fixed bug with chrome on models
- Corrected the order of the $ origin parameters in the QC editor.
- Added the ability to navigate through the models in the folder (left / right buttons).
- Remembering a minimized \ maximized window (maybe buggy at the moment).

Update at: 01/24/2018
- Fixed a bug in the navigation when the sequencing files and model textures were listed.
- The forced reset of the camera is disabled when navigating the models by arrows.

Update at: 01/24/2018
- Added a sight(crossfire) in the mode of displaying weapons from the first person
- Reset the camera when the model is changed by the left / right buttons
- Added reboot of model on F5

Update at: 04/16/2018
- Fixed some bugs with management of the controllers
- Fixed a bug with transparency (aligned with JEDS)
- Fixed some signatures with buttons
- Multisampling is disabled for wireframe rendering (hitboxes, attachments, normals etc).

Hot keys:

 g - show ground
 h - show hitboxes
 o - show bones
 5 - increase transparency
 6 - reduce transparency
 b - show background texture
 s - enable \ disable stencil (for a mirror)
 m - show mirror
 v - firstperson view \ normal view
 l - Mirror left\right handed
 1 - rendermode wireframe
 2 - rendermode flat shaded
 3 - rendemode smooth shaded
 4 - rendermode texture shaded
 -\+ - Animation playback speed
 space - switch to the next sequence.
 left / right buttons - navigate through the models in the folder
 F5 - reboot model

P.S. - some warnings:

Fullbright, Flatshade,Two side and other new flags are for Paranoia2 game texture abilities and other XASH engine games

Creator of the tool Unkle Mike - sdfx@mail.ru
Forum - XASH 3d model viewer
Unkle Mike Paypall - g-cont@rambler.ru
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