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A Modding Tool for DRAGON BALL FighterZ


  • Added .7z support
  • Moved some buttons to the "Options" menu.
v1.4 10mo
  • Addition Added gamebanana 1-click install support
v1.3.1 10mo
A mod manager for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Full source code and documentation can be found here: https://github.com/Daniel-Griffiths/dbfz-mod-manag...


Please use mods at your own risk and do not play online matches whilst mods are enabled!

Patching the game

The game **must** be patched in order to install mods.

To do this simply open the DBFZ Mod Manager and click `Disable EasyAntiCheat`, choose Dragon Ball FighterZ from the dropdown and click install.

After that click `Patch Exe` and you are all ready to go!

If you ever want to un-patch the game and play online again you can simply go into Steam and Verify the integrity of the game files (https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?re...). 

Installing Mods

Once you download any mod you should have a .zip or .rar file. In the DBFZ Mod Manager click Add Mod, browse to the location of the file and select it. After that the mod should be installed, just click Save and Play to try it out!

Mods can also be installed manually by putting them in the ~mods folder. Click the Open Mods Folder to access this directory.

Additional Mod Info

Modders can optionally include a .ini file with their mod to add extra information such as Name, Author, Version and Description. This file must have the some name as the .pak file (eg BaseGoku.pak would come with a file called BaseGoku.ini). Please see the example below:-

Name=Base Goku 
Author=Daniel Griffiths
Description=Adds base Gokus model over SSJ Goku

If no .ini is provider then the DBFZ mod manager will assume the name based on the .pak filename (eg "BaseGoku.pak" becomes "Base Goku").

Gamebanana 1-Click Install Support 

To enable this functionality you **must** run the mod manager as an admin at least once. This is required to register a custom protocol `dbfmm:` with Gamebanana. Once this is done you will be able to install always any mod on Gamebanana with a single click!


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  • Comic Sams avatar
    Comic Sams Joined 2y ago
    257 points Ranked 16762nd
    When I try to use multiple mods that work normally when loaded induvidually, the game doesn't start.

    I tried installing the anti cheat as this description says, it doesn't work.
    I tried uninstalling as the program itself tells me, it still doesn't work.
    I Tried Uninstalling And Reinstalling The Game.
    It Still Doesn't Work.

    The Harem God
    URL to post:
  • saniku avatar
    saniku Joined 9mo ago
    How to use mods online? 
    URL to post:
  • EasyApe avatar
    EasyApe Joined 3y ago
    271 points Ranked 16090th
    Seems like the new February patch disabled mods. Mods seem to work when you patch the .exe but this makes you unable to play online. Is there a fix to this or are you making one? Thanks for all you are doing for the modding community
    URL to post:
  • LeTacos avatar
    LeTacos Joined 10mo ago
    10mo 10mo
    can you add an option to delete a mod or recovery/restore and with that there are not mod in the game after that ?
    URL to post:
  • Thomakaze avatar
    Thomakaze username pic Joined 3y ago
    SCVI Manager
    5,035 points Ranked 1041st
    17 medals 1 legendary 3 rare
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    Thomakaze avatar
    Moustache Smash Stash Z Flag
    Moustache Smash Stash Z
    Absolutely love this as well as how quickly this became available.
    1-click adding works perfectly.
    A few notes I have though.

    Your description reads that the game must be patched with the modded .exe and that EAC needs to be disabled.
    I know this idea was misconceived early on, but this is currently untrue and every mod that's been released so far has been usable online without disabling EAC and without using a modded exe. I would actually think it to be safer (in addition to being online compatible) to not patch the game and not disable EAC.

    Having the functionality to do so is great and I wouldn't recommend changing it, but UI, textures, model imports and model swaps are all tested and confirmed usable online. The only instance where this won't be the case is when people start making gameplay altering mods.

    Sorry for the wall of text, and thank you for this great, user-friendly tool!


    Rest in Spaghetti
    URL to post:
  • Cpt.Roy avatar
    Cpt.Roy Joined 3y ago
    what about on screen button mods, like the ps4 ui mod. Would that leave me at risk when I go online?
    URL to post:
  • BJT avatar
    BJT Joined 3y ago
    325 points Ranked 14033rd
    You're probably already aware but this program doesn't work for people who have the game installed somewhere other than the default steam directory. Any plan to fix this soon?
    SSB4 TE Creator
    URL to post:
  • tom avatar
    tom username pic Joined 17y ago
    TBS2 Manager Super Admin
    47,549 points Ranked 83rd
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    tom avatar
    test 1 2 3
    10mo 10mo
    This is great, thank you for submitting! Any chance we could add 1-click install integration to the site? Here is a wiki about it. PM me!
    testing 1234 222
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