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BFmeshview ver 2.4.0 BETA

A Modding Tool for Battlefield 2


Added BFMeshview Latest Version 2.4.0 2y
  • Addition Added full versions of Tool files from version 232 and latest version 240 (EXE allowed per GB file upload rules)
Upon reviewing site rule 10.  1.9 File Content that "tools" and "gamefiles" are exempt from the .EXE rule I have uploaded the full versions I have of this Tool.
BFMeshview 2.4.0 Beta announcement 2-15-18 2y Amendment Executable removed 2y Adjustment
Tool for multiple uses in viewing and editing meshes for Battlefield 2's Refractor 2 engine.  Easy to use and install.  For Windows by default.

Keep in mind that this program is a work in progress. New versions may include experimental features that are unfinished and not thoroughly tested.

Additional Runtimes

These system files may, or may not, be needed to run BfMeshView on your computer. If BfMeshView refuses to run
visit the official site for links to additional runtimes.

BFMeshview on Linux:

BfMeshView runs on Linux with Wine and is fully functional. You may need to install or update your Linux graphics drivers for good performance and GLSL shading.

Notice: BfMeshView has been Open Sourced! Get the code at Github.

UPDATE 02-12-2018

This release brings a large number of changes that have accumulated over the last year, mainly adding BF2 mesh editing

tools and productivity improvements for common or repetitive tasks.

Note that this is a raw untested beta-release; some things may be utterly broken, incomplete, or undocumented.

  • added toolbar to main window
  • added improved icons
  • added static/dynamic lighting toggle
  • added dummy normal map when bump map file is missing
  • added tool to select material from viewport
  • added user friendly material names to tree view and UV Editor
  • added Open Folder in texture map context menu (opens nearest existing folder in Explorer)
  • added more intuitive UV Editor tools (rotation, move, scaling)
  • added UV Editor scale type-in tool
  • added UV Editor Unwrap tool (WIP)
  • added mesh editing mode, allows selection of vertices/faces/polygons/elements
  • added vertex normal editing tools (weld/flatten)
  • added Delete Faces tool
  • added Collapse Vertices tool
  • added Fix tool, allows copying of normals & UVs between LODs (to fix popping/shifting textures)
  • added Edit > Select Bad Tangents, selects vertices with degenerate tangent vectors
  • added Tools > Fix Tangents, recomputes tangent vectors after UV editing, or if degenerate
  • added Tools > Generate Weighted Normals, generates better vertex normals
  • added experimental matcap shading mode (WIP)
  • added experimental faux Gamma correction shading toggle
  • added option to enable/disable right mouse button zooming in Preferences
  • added keyboard shortcuts (W/S = zoom in/out, SPACE = zoom to fit)
  • added zoom-to-fit when opening files via command-line argument
  • added dependency on Windows Scripting (please report error messages of any missing DLLs!)
  • added texture override option to load .tga instead of .dds (set "texoverride=1" in "config.ini")
  • fixed incorrect UVs when exporting OBJ from .skinnedmesh
  • fixed missing toolbar tooltips
  • fixed crash when in UV Editor switching to LOD with smaller number of materials
  • fixed UV Editor lightmap UVs not being drawn properly if mesh has less than 5 UV channels
  • fixed UV editor selection bug
  • fixed UV editor not showing texture for .bundledmesh files
  • fixed Edit Material browse dialog incorrect file path
  • fixed Edit Material dialog tab order
  • fixed default lightmap UV channel index on Generate Samples dialog
  • fixed minor internal DDS texture loader bug
  • fixed various shader bugs
  • fixed bundledmesh tracks/wheels being invisible with GLSL shaders
  • fixed potential overflow and other math errors
  • fixed bump map lighting being inverted on statics with mirrored UVs
  • fixed GLSL shading of statics with only base texture
  • fixed incorrect in-viewport shading of copied materials
  • optimized BF2 mesh rendering
  • the Fix Texture Paths tool now trims absolute file paths
  • the Vertex Transform tool has been moved to mesh editor toolbar
  • renamed View > 'Bump Map' to 'Normal Map'
  • relaxed zoom limits in UV Editor
  • UV Editor now shows proper aspect ratio based on background texture
  • Generate Samples dialog is now non-modal
  • the Fix Samples tool now runs on all loaded samples files
  • sample generator now shows hourglass cursor when busy
  • sample treeview nodes are now unfolded by default
  • tree view is now refreshed when samples files are reloaded

Known Issues:

  • tool bar tooltips sometimes do not appear
  • edge selection is not yet implemented


  • 2yExecutable
    This file is or contains an executable
    insert_drive_file LATEST VERSION 02-12-2018
  • 2yExecutable
    This file is or contains an executable
    insert_drive_file Older Version
  • 2yExecutable
    This file is or contains an executable
    insert_drive_file Older version

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