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  • Improvement Updated internal copy of Sonic R Mod Loader for Offline Installs
1.0.7 7mo
  • BugFix Fix a 32-bit use case where the keys for any 32 bit install couldn't be found
1.0.6 7mo
Sonic R Updater is a patch for the PC ports of Sonic R. This patch will update any version of the game to the much more friendly 2004 port, with the Sonic R Mod Loader included, along with a couple of small fix mods; ADX Music and RemoveStrays.


  • Can install on top of the extremely common (and cheap) 1998 port of Sonic R, providing wider accessibility to the PC version of the game.
  • Runs perfectly on modern Windows installations, with little to no configuration required, unlike the vanilla 1998 port.
  • Installs Sonic R Mod Loader into the game, allowing for robust modding support, as well as several additional features:
    • Removes the need for a disc to be inserted.
    • bass_vgmstream audio support with looping and pausing.
    • properly bordered windowed mode with custom window size options.
    • custom resolution with proper widescreen support.
    • better borderless windowed mode support.
    • improved game framerate stability for modern hardware.
    • an array of interesting cheat codes.
    • maybe even more as the mod loader is in active development.
  • Downloads the latest version of the Sonic R Mod Loader if possible during installation to make sure you're up to date at the time of install.
  • Includes RemoveStrays, a mod to fix various stray pixels in the Menu and HUD throughout the game.
  • Includes ADX Music, a mod that changes out the 2004 port's default .son files for much more space efficient .ADX format audio that even loops in some cases when appropriate.


  1. Install Sonic R from your retail disc or an ISO image on your PC wherever you'd like. (I recommend C:\Program Files (x86)\Sega\SonicR, personally.)
  2. Do not install DirectX 6 when prompted, and ignore any errors that appear after the installation completes from it trying to open the 1998 game. Ignore this step if you by some chance actually have the 2004 port, which also works.
  3. Download the latest Sonic R Updater and run it.
  4. It should auto-detect the installed location of Sonic R, simply click next or browse to the correct location in the event that it was unable to find the correct path.
  5. Proceed with the installation. Leave the box checked if you'd like to get familiar with the Sonic R Mod Manager right away.
  6. Shortcuts to Sonic RSonic R Mod Manager, and Sonic R Help are all added to your Windows Start Menu, use the shortcuts there to play the game.

As time goes on, Sonic R Mod Loader may be updated, and thus, the one you installed will become out of date. You can update Sonic R Mod Loader by running Sonic R Updater again, or you can download it manually and drop the archive contents into your Sonic R Installation folder.

Troubleshooting & Common Issues

Problem: When I go to install Sonic R I get a "This app can't run on your PC" error.
Solution: The Sonic R (1998) autorun program cannot run on 64-bit Windows due to being a 16-bit executable. To work around this, right click on the disc drive and choose "Open" or "Explore" and double click on Setup.exe instead. This should allow you to install Sonic R properly.

Problem: Sonic R Mod Manager giving exception errors.
Solution: Sonic R Mod Manager may give you errors about saving it's configuration if it is unable to write to it's settings file due to user permissions. To fix this, you can take ownership of the folder Sonic R is installed to. Click here for a gif showing how to do that.


What's that? You don't like this patch? I can't imagine why you wouldn't... unless you just don't like Sonic R. In which case, clearly you're delusional, because Sonic R is obviously the best Sonic game.

Well, in any case, to remove it, just uninstall Sonic R normally by opening Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program > SonicR, and then, after the Uninstall has finished, navigate to the installation folder and delete any remaining files. You may leave behind the save and ghost folders if you wish to avoid losing any save games, and you should keep the mods folder if you developed any mods and have their resources laying around in there.

Lastly, the Start Menu shortcuts can be removed by right clicking one of them in the Start Menu, and going to More > Open file location, followed by clicking the Up One Level button (?) and deleting the SonicR folder in Sega. If you don't have any other Sega games installed, you may also want to delete the Sega folder to remove it from your Start Menu as well.
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Sonic R Updater, along with it's source are provided without a license of any kind, and are distributed as-is. All resources included are used without permission.




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