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HedgeModManager - A Modding Tool for Sonic Generations


HedgeModManager (7.6) 4mo
  • Addition Added Sonic Colours: Ultimate support
  • Addition Added US English language. Those upgrading will need to manually change languages if needed
  • Addition Added mods and codes searching (Press Ctrl + F)
  • Addition Added HE2ML for Sonic Forces, Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 and Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
  • Addition Games and themes are now translatable
  • Adjustment Double clicking configurable mods will now open the config window
  • Improvement Improved the mod update system
  • Improvement Improved title bar
  • Improvement Improved UI elements + Yes/No instead of True/False
  • BugFix Fixed inconsistencies with Windows 11
  • BugFix Fixed crash when right clicking the mod list with nothing selected
  • BugFix Fixed issue with update window showing twice
  • BugFix Fixed resizing the Edit Mod window
  • BugFix Fixed issue with saving mod descriptions
HedgeModManager (7.4-3 - 7.5) 7mo Addition BugFix2 Tweak Refactor HedgeModManager (7.4-3) 8mo BugFix HedgeModManager (7.3-4 - 7.4-2) 8mo Addition7 BugFix Refactor Adjustment HedgeModManager (7.3-1 - 7.3-3) 9mo Addition3 Tweak Refactor BugFix2
HedgeModManager is a program based off Radfordhound's SLWModLoader to help people manage/load mods for the 3+ popular Hedgehog Engine Games for PC

HedgeModManager Features:
  • Built-in Steam game detection - Run HedgeModManager.exe anywhere and HedgeModManager will find your Steam games
  • Easy Mod Loader Managing - Handles all the configuration for the supported ModLoaders
  • 1-Click Install support with GameBanana - Install mods from GameBanana by just clicking the 1-Click Install button then Download
  • Cheat Codes and patches  - Ability to load any cheat code and patch from our community driven database using FML, GCL and LCL
  • Drag-drop Install - Just drag in any Zip/Rar/7z file that contains a mod to Install it
  • Drag to reorder mods - Just drag and drop the mod in the order you want the mod loaded
  • Mod Config Creator and Editor - Creates/Edits mod ini files
  • Game Switcher - Switch between all the supported games while only using one shortcut
  • Mods Updating - HedgeModManager will check for mod updates and let you know if there is any and will download them for you
  • And More...

Further Readings:

Supported Games:
Sonic Forces (HE2ModLoader)
Sonic Lost World (CPKREDIR and LCL)
Sonic Generations (CPKREDIR and GCL)
Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 (HE2ModLoader)
Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (HE2ModLoader)
Sonic Colours: Ultimate (RainbowModLoader)
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  • so does it load mods from top to bottom like the sa2 mod loader, or is it bottom to top?
  • You should consider adding a search bar, and or a filter for mods.
  • i wanted to get it but my .NET is like at its state but its just not gonna let me download if you want to help me off this web my discord is DisastrisMaxim#9682
  • I've been having an issue where when I try to update both Rainbow Mod Loader and HedgemodManger individually it never updates when I open it back up. This seems dumb to me and I have also tried both updates in different patterns and nothing seems to work!
  • When will this be updated for the latest Colors Ultimate patch?
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    Hi. Sorry if this sounds like a noob problem, but I can't get HedgeModManager to work, no matter what I try. Whenever I open it, it says "Hedge Mod Manager has ran into an error!". From the log it seems like it can't detect the game (the "Game" parameter says "Unnamed Game") while the "Exception" section talks about an "Argument Exception" with "Illegal characters in path.". I tried using this tool both for Sonic Generations and for Sonic Forces (legitimate copies bought from Steam). I tried running it as administrator and from the Sonic Gens and Sonic Forces folders, still the same exact error. I checked the .NET Framework version, and I have the 4.8 one, so I don't think that's the problem; as for the "Illegal characters in path" problem, I tried putting the executable in a folder path that had no spaces or any kind of potentially conflitting characters and running it from there, but I still had the same exact error message. Right now I'm using SonicGMI and the Sonic Forces Mod Installer, but some mods I'd like to try aren't compatible with these mod loaders, so that's why I wanted to use HedgeModManager. Thanks for reading!
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    Seems like its not compatible with the new update for colors ultimate now. Can you update it ?
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  • i have the lastest version of Sonic colors ultimate but every time i load the game with the mod manager i get an error message, how do i fix it? 
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  • ok,
    first, thank you for making this mod manager,
    it's been a long time i using this tool for these games:

    Sonic generations
    sonic lost world
    sonic forces

    & it works fine
    but about sonic forces...
    i did samething for that & everything was ok & without any error,
    but when I going to start the game, nothing happens to it (No mod & no code works. it just runs normal game)

    & yes,
    -my mod manager & NET Framework is always update,
    -i was reinstall game several times & tried 2 different version of that (i mean fitgirl & core pack),
    -& restart pc for many times
    -& reinstalled mod loader by using that button in mod manager settings
    -& checked that enable mod loader box in settings
    -& there's nothing else in game's folder
    -& of course i have enough space

    also this is NOT the first time that happens to me (ONLY FOR THIS GAME - OTHERS WORKS FINE), but, i have no idea how that fixed last time (because i didn't do anything on it & just back after few month for play the game & boom)

    (&...sorry for this weak english)
    The Unexpectable guy
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    I downloaded to manager and folloewed every step it told me to and download everything it told me to and yet none of the mods works!!!