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A Modding Tool for Grand Theft Auto V

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Hi! This is my latest program I developed to ease up on installing vehicle mods (addons/replacements) to any FiveM server. 
Please thoroughly read the read please!.txt file before usage. 

The addon and/or replacement paths may not match yours. If they do not, select whether it's addon or replacement you're installing, hit "edit", replace the words in the "[]" brackets, hit edit again then save. This will ensure your paths are saved for your next startup. 

Initial Release 

Disabled "Script Installer" button in first form as to avoid any confusion. 
Added "reset" option in Vehicle Installer form. 
Added "Reload" button in Vehicle Installer form, so incase you use the "reset" button(s) for any of the paths, they reload. 
Changed the error message if FX cannot find "cfx-server-data-master" and/or "resources" in your FiveM server folder. It now includes "Be aware." at the end and leaves everything enabled incase your server does not use cfx. 
Changed so the two file panels now allow any and all extensions to be used. 

v0_1 (Full Release): 
Added 'Add mod to "server.cfg"' checkbox to Vehicle Installer form, to the left of "Install Vehicle". If you toggle this, FX will automatically add the name of your vehicle folder to your server.cfg (default path: "Drive:\FiveServer\cfx-server-data-master\server.cfg"). If you do not toggle this, FX will proceed as usual, leaving you to manually add your vehicle. 
Removed 'Factory reset "resources"' button in Vehicle Installer form. 
Removed "Reload" button in Vehicle Installer form. 
Added "carcontentunlocks.meta" and 
"data_file 'CARCONTENTUNLOCKS_FILE' 'carcontentunlocks.meta' to __resource.lua in Vehicle Installer form. 
Improved some code. 

Fixed Add mod to "server.cfg" when using replacement instead of addon, as v0_1 didn't include that. 

Added 'Delete Vehicle' button to 'Vehicle Installer' form. Type the vehicle folder you want to delete into 'vehicle folder name' textbox, hit Delete and watch the magic. Also deletes "start " in your server.cfg automatically. (requested) 
Added a resources folder in the same directory as FX, which holds three important files. "fivem.ico", "resource_default" and "resource_empty". 
Added 'load default __resource.lua' and 'load empty __resource.lua' buttons to 'Vehicle Installer' form, above the integrated text editor. These buttons use the two files in the 'resources' folder as seen above. 
Changed so 'Vehicle Installer' form pops up instead of Selector menu, this is until 'Script Installer' starts working. 
Renamed link 'how to add meta files to __resource.lua' to '__resource.lua (guide)' above the integrated text editor. 
Added an icon to the 'resources' folder. This is what FX will show in the top left of the window. 

Since the update is big, the changelog ("v0_2.0 READ PLEASE.txt") has been included in the archive.



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