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Sm4shExplorer v0.07.4 (+ How to use) (Unofficial) - A Modding Tool for Super Smash Bros. (Wii U).

The Sm4sh modding tool you know and love, with a few extra things.

1. What is this?

This program is used to make your own personal modpack for Sm4sh Wii U. Drag mods to the correct locations, build the modpack, place it on your SD card, and load 'em up with SDCafiine.

If you're already familiar with the program, this version is a modification of the official 0.07.1 version by Deinonychus71. We added a few features and am open to adding more if you have suggestions.

If you have a previous version of Sm4shExplorer already, all you need to do is drag the new Sm4shFileExplorer.exe to your old folder.

2. Changes since official version

Read about the changes here.

3. How to use

3.1. Setup

Sm4shExplorer (S4E) is a Windows application. You can try running it on Linux with Wine, but I haven't tried it myself and can't offer assistance regarding it. As for Mac, I don't know. I heard someone got it working, but it was pretty complicated.

First, you're gonna need a dump of the game, meaning you need the game files on your PC. There are several methods to do this:
I recommend using the first option if you have at least an empty 16GB SD card.

Once you've got a dump of your game, you can open up Sm4shExplorer (download link at the bottom of this post). When it asks for the folder with your dump, select the folder that contains the content folder. Here's an example:

As you can see, I highlight the folder that has the content folder. I don't highlight content itself.

If it says some files are missing (dt00, dt01, ls, patch folder) then your dump might be incomplete and you'll have to dump the game again.

Once you select the dump folder, do not move the dump folder anywhere else on your computer, otherwise there will be errors! Move your dump somewhere you prefer before setting up S4E.

After selecting your dump, it'll ask you to fill in the game version and region. It should have it set already if it properly found your dump. Region is self-explanatory, and game version is 304 for 1.1.7. 288 is for 1.1.6.

3.2. Interface

3.2.1. File color-coding

When you open up S4E, you'll notice when you expand the data folders that there are different colors for different files.
  • Black files are from the base game, with no patches.
  • Blue files are from game patches.
  • Green files are from mods that you've added to your S4E workspace.
  • Red files are files that are unlocalized (probably won't see this)
  • Orange files are files that you packed manually (shouldn't need to do this)
  • Grey files are files that you removed resource (not recommended but sometimes needed I guess?)

3.2.2. Building the modpack

Once you've got all your mods set up in the right folders, select Project at the top left and select Build Modpack. Don't use the (no packing) option unless you know you need to.

3.2.3. Send to SD/USB

This option sends the modpack you built to the SD card or USB if they are connected and formatted to FAT32. This ensures the modpack goes to the right place on the storage device.

If Send to SD/USB is too slow for you, you could manually copy the files from this folder in the Sm4shExplorer folder:

but I don't recommend it because you might make a mistake in copying the files over.

It'll ask you to name the modpack so it can be used with SDCafiine 1.3+'s modpack selector. This means you can have more than one modpack on the SD card at the same time.

USB mod loading only works with SDCafiine 1.4+.

3.2.4. Plugin menu

Access plugins through the Plugins option at the top.

The main plugin S4E comes with is the Sm4shMusic plugin. This is what you click to edit music stuff. If you're interested in it, you should look up a tutorial for it.

You might notice that when you run S4E, there is an error at the bottom mentioning something about MSBTReloaded. It's because you need to download a separate file for that plugin to work. Get it here, and from the download, drag the two files to the tools folder in the S4E folder.

3.3. Modding Basics

After setting up your dump, you can drag your downloaded mods to the S4E program. You need to drag them to the correct locations. Refer to instructions left by mod creators to know where to drag stuff.

As you read the following, try downloading a mod from Gamebanana and figure out where the mod should go.

As a rule of thumb, do not drag a folder on a folder in S4E with the same name. For example, if you have a c04 folder, DON'T DRAG IT ON c04 IN S4E. You have to drag it on the body folder instead, because body is the folder in S4E that contains the cXX folders. You have to drag them on the "parent" folder.

3.3.1. Character skins

Character skins, models, textures, etc. go in here:
data/fighter/(character name)/model/body

Character skins come in folders named cXX, where XX is replaced by numbers. For example, c00 is the first slot in the game, c01 is the second slot, etc.

If a mod comes with a cXX folder (X's instead of numbers), it's a character skin that you can put on any slot. Rename cXX to whatever slot you want.

Some mods come with an lXX folder. Those are for 8-player Smash.

Some mods come with other extra models. Those go in the /model folder before body.

You can change the slot a skin is for by changing the XX part of the cXX folder you downloaded. However, this may cause texid errors in the game if you don't use the Auto TexID + MTB Fixer tool (script available here, plugin available here, you can use either one).

If your mod download only came with a model.nut and/or a model.nud file, just drag those to the cXX slot you want to put the skin on. For example, if you want to put it on slot 5, drag both files to c04 in S4E.

3.3.2. Character UI elements

Character UI elements like stock icons, battle portraits, and character select (CSS) portraits are located in

but for DLC, they go in

unless you use a different language than English or have an EU game. Then DLC go in

Each UI file goes in a folder in chr depending on the start of the file name:
  • chr_00 refers to in-game battle portraits.
  • chr_10 refers to CSS icons (the ones you select).
  • chr_11 refers to result screen, gamepad, 8-player Smash, Punch Out stage and other portaits.
  • chr_13 refers to CSS portraits.
  • stock_90 refers to stock icons.

UI files have the following format: 

The last 2 numbers in the name correspond to the slot they go on. So the above file is for slot 1, and 03 is for slot 3, etc.

Note that this is different than character models. If you have c03, then your mod is for slot 4, and your UI files will end with 04.

3.3.3. Character voices/sound effects

Character voices and sound effects go in here:

unless you use a different language than English or have an EU game. Then they go in here:

Character voices and sound effects come in a format like this:

And sometimes like this:

The ones without _cXX will change every slot's voice or sfx. The ones with _cXX will only affect that slot. For example, snd_vc_Mario_c03.nus3bank will only change Mario's voice for slot 4 in-game.

As always, there are exceptions to the above.
  • Bayonetta and Olimar's default voice/sfx affect slots 1-4, while their _c01 voice/sfx affect slots 5+, including extra slots.
  • Little Mac's default voice/sfx affect slots 1-8, while his _c01 voice/sfx affect slots 9-16 (probably extra slots too).
  • Cloud, Corrin, Robin, and Wii Fit Trainer's default voice/sfx affect odd slots, while their _c01 voice/sfx affect even slots.

If you want to avoid issues with voices/sfx muting during mirror matches or not working at all, use the Auto TexID + MTB Fixer tool (script available here, plugin available here, you can use either one).

3.3.4. Stage mods

Stage mods go in:
data/stage/melee/(stage name) (normal stage)
data/stage/end/(stage name) (omega stage)

When you download the mod, the mod creator should have left instructions on which kind of stage the mod is for.

3.3.5. Param files

Sometimes, mods will come with files such as ui_character_db.bin, ui_stage_db.bin, or you will need to edit them yourself. These are found here:

and global_parameter_menu.bin is found here:

Important: these param files must go in the data(xx_xx) folder. They won't have any effect in the data folder.

3.3.6. Music mods

There are many tutorials available that explain how to mod the music in the game. Check the Tutorials section for that.

As a general note, you will need to place your modded music in S4E's workspace folder in order for Send to SD/USB to work properly. Otherwise, it'll get rid of the music files on your SD card.

One tip I STRONGLY recommend everyone using Sm4shMusic follows is to save your configuration at the top every time before you compile the modifications. It'll allow you to restore your changes if something goes wrong out of your control (like a corrupted file).

3.3.7. Other files

Explore the folders within S4E and check the names of folders you download from Gamebanana! You should be able to figure out where files and folders go just by the names of the files.

Generally, files come in .zip folders that you must extract before being able to drag files around. This is especially true for files that come in .rar or .7z folders. For these, I recommend installing 7zip or WinRAR.

Also check for instructions left by the mod creators. This list is not exhaustive nor is it always 100% accurate. Always check the instructions.

3.3.8. Did you dump the game on 1.1.6?

If your game dump is from 1.1.6, and you're trying to load mods on 1.1.7 (the latest version), you need to drag this file to S4E. It's the only file that changed between 1.1.6 and 1.1.7.

If you don't use this file, your Wii U will freeze on the Sm4sh splash screen and you'll have to shut it down. Note that this isn't the only reason it could freeze there.

4. Helpful Plugins

There aren't many plugins available as of writing this, but there are still some useful ones out there.

4.1. Auto TexID + MTB Fix Plugin

This plugin automatically TexID + MTB fixes all of your skins and voice/sfx mods when you build your modpack. It saves you a step from running the script manually, and you don't have to remember to do it. Also supports exempting skins and voices/sfx from the TexID fixing.

For more info, check it out here.

4.2. Workspace Manager Plugin

This plugin lets you manage multiple workspaces. Useful for testing new mods before adding them to your main modpack, managing different modpacks for different purposes (one for online play, one for training, etc.), and can also be used as a backup tool.

If you have a huge workspace folder, I recommend renaming it to something like workspace_backup before running the plugin. Then, after it's set up, open the plugin and use the Import button in the plugin.

For more info, check it out here.

5. General tips and tricks

5.1. Workspace Manager + Send to SD/USB

If you use the Workspace Manager Plugin, the Send to SD/USB feature uses the current workspace's name by default, so you don't need to name your modpack all the time.

5.2. Only add a few mods at a time!

Please please please do this. Install a few mods at a time, and then test them out. If the modpack crashes, you'll know it can only be because of the last few mods you installed. It'll save you hours of work. I've seen people delete their entire modpack because they gave up trying to find the problem.

5.3. Unlocalize your region folders (advanced)

If you right-click all of the main folders in the data(xx_xx) and select Unlocalize, your game will only use the data folder for mods. This means you won't have to drag DLC UI to data(xx_xx), nor will you need to use data(xx_xx) for param files.

Of course, your game will be in English only, so don't do this if you want to use the other languages available. You can revert this by right-clicking the red folders and selecting Remove unlocalize.

The guide I used for this is here. They did it a bit differently, but I found that just unlocalizing all of the folders works too.

6. Notes

I started making modifications to S4E because Deinonychus57 has been inactive for a long time. I don't update it very often, but I am open to suggestions for what to add next.

If you have any suggestions for Sm4shExplorer, leave them in a comment so I can find them more easily.
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    Beware, the 1.7.xx version of Sm4shExplorer packed all your chr but leaves the original .nut. After a build you have to remove the .nut from your chr folders to avoid long and unnecessary loads 
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