CSGO Routing Tool v1.4.2.3

A Modding Tool for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


  • BugFix A couple of bug fixes.
v1.4.2.3 8mo
  • Adjustment Updated to support the new network_config.json structure introduced in revision 150 of the network_config.
v1.4.2 10mo

You may NOT re-upload this without permission. You can link to this page.

Basically an updated version of my "MM Routing Chooser".

The way it works is by reading the CS:GO network_config.json file, this file contains all the routes and when new routes are added they're added to this file. This means the tool shouldn't need to be updated as when you choose the network_config.json when your game is fully updated, you're getting the latest routes. The routes you choose to block are then added to the Windows firewall Outbound Rules with the name "CSGORoutingTool-" followed by whatever route you blocked. Every time you hit "Apply" the rules are refreshed so if new IPs are added to a route in an update, you should be able to just open the tool select the network_config.json and click "Apply" and that should update the firewall rules.

Open the tool and click "Select Config".
Navigate to the folder that contains the CSGO network_config.json (Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\platform\config).
Select "network_config.json" and click Open.
You can now check your ping to the routes by clicking "Ping Routes" (you may also click the cell of a ping to test that specific route) or you can check the boxes in the "Blocked" column and click "Apply" to block the selected routes. You can also click the "Blocked" column header and it will toggle all checkboxes on or off.

You can view all routes in a location by clicking on the name of the location. For example if you click "atl" as of 02/10/2017 it will split into atlA and atlB, there is currently 2 routes at that location. Each location has a different amount of routes. If you click the "Blocked" checkbox for a location whilst you don't have every route for that location displayed, each route will for that location will have the same checkbox behaviour applied to it (you can confirm this by showing all routes at a location after checking/unchecking the box for that location).

The "Clear Rules" button will wipe all the firewall rules that the tool has created.

You can use the "Remember" check box to tell the program if you want it to remember what locations you have extended and the location of the network_config.json file. If checked, it will attempt to load what it has remembered upon next load of the application.

Windows firewall will need to be enabled for this to work.
This application requires Administrator access as it adds rules to the windows firewall.
This tool will most likely work with other Valve games that use the same routing system. Games like TF2 and Dota 2 should have a network_config.json in a similar file path.

Feedback is greatly appreciated (as of v1.3 the application does all I could want it to but any suggestions will still be taken into consideration), if you are having issues or you wish the tool did more then let me know what you'd like to see!

No paypal donation link but if you'd like to give something you can gift/trade to me: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner...

Program Icon Author: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/...

Virus Scan (CSGO Routing Tool v1.4.2): https://NoDistribute.com/result/R1h6GUvJ4MKgb9FsSI...
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    Useful tool :)

    But I have to say something.. don't use VirusTotal. YES this sounds stupid, but VirusTotal it self distributes your file to the antivirus vendors and it marks the file as a virus, in fact some viruses detects it as false/positive, trust me.
    Use something like NoDistribute Logo click on the image to open the site in new tab.

    I hope you understand what I meant to say :)


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