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A Modding Tool for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Features of the program:

- Quite a large base of stylers, which is replenished approximately since 2014. We collected not a small part of malicious mods from several large and not very sites. Special thanks for the provided samples to the site Gtavicecity.ru.

- Ability to scan folders and files by dragging into the program window.

- Output of brief information about the malicious program (type, developer nickname and in older versions of the distribution databases)

- Scanning asi, dll, cleo, sf, cs and other potentially dangerous files.

- Detection of malicious code in files with a modified extension, for example, not so long ago there was a way to rename the stylers into txd files and load them into the game using the loader tools.

- Unpacking crypted CLEO scripts and subsequent scanning (note that the decrypt only known cryptors and those that came across to us, but this fact is easy to fix, just write to us on the mail and send the file). The source of the latter when scanning the unpacked script you can find in the file temp \ decrypt.cs.

- Emulation of SCM code on the fly and script decryption followed by checking for malicious code. (If a malicious code is detected, see the dump in temp \ decrypt.cs)

- Friendly and understandable program interface.

- A fairly simple concept of the program, which means it is easy and often updated.

- High scanning speed when scanning a large number of files.

- Built-in viewing of the found file in text and hex modes

Particularly Important Item! Read to all, so as not to ask stupid questions.

The scanner is intended only for testing of game modifications in the unpacked form of the archive, in any other case it is useless!

Also it is NOT intended for installers and auto installers, msi, exe packages, pif, com, scr, vbs, bat, cmd, js and other potentially dangerous files not found in game mods; there are antivirus programs for these files!

Also, do NOT scan the whole system, it's useless and it makes no sense. This scanner is tested on mods and is intended only for mods. You can scan the folder with the game, but you need to understand that the game has files that can access the Internet and be ready to see them in the scanner window.

I would like to immediately warn that this program will not protect your accounts 100%, like any other antivirus, or scanner. When they write on the cover of the antivirus 100% protection - for me it is already a signal to remove the antivirus from the disk. But this scanner will be able to speed up checking for already known styling and help you not to fall for the bait of inexperienced distributors.

The best antivirus is your head and decisions - to swing or not to swing. Download the mods only from trusted sites and where they monitor the security of the archive.

The author of the program is not responsible for your decisions and possible missed by the scanner.
Some program symbols:
   AVPGameProtect User Build 1.03 Attention! A file is found that can establish an Internet connection, you should think about it before downloading. But it can be an auto-update script.

      AVPGameProtect User Build 1.03 Found CLEO styler, the file was unpacked and you can look at the source.

           AVPGameProtect User Build 1.03 The scanner tried to unpack the script, perhaps it did not work, or the malicious code was not found. See the source in the temp folder.

         AVPGameProtect User Build 1.03 CLEO is found in the open form.
  AVPGameProtect User Build 1.03 Found a file that downloads the malicious program to your compute
    AVPGameProtect User Build 1.03 Stealer from the well-known project

     AVPGameProtect User Build 1.03 Protection found, the file could be a threat

    AVPGameProtect User Build 1.03 Maybe the file is locked by another application
At the moment, the database from September 1, 2017g


smalloff - development, project support

andre500 - testing, project support

Sites of authors: Gamemodding.net, Libertycity.ru 

Mail: smalloff@gamemodding.net

                                                                            Translated into English by LeisRA


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Website http://www.gamemodding.net
development, project support
testing, project support
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Website http://www.gamemodding.net
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