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I made a new texture tool because there was a bug in old PegTool.
Have also been added several new features.
Please see the user's manual for more information.

463 KB (474,739 bytes)
MD5: c764f697ff08ec6710c49101fc4b54ba
SHA1: 29a05f510edfb007c1f46a0f13f4d9830e3776cb

pegformat.pdf : peg_pc and g_peg_pc file format document.

--- version history ---
2017/05/08 v1.21
Simple gamma correction at mipmap generation was canceled, and mutual conversion between sRGB color and linear RGB color was implemented.
Although this requires more processing time, it promises to generate highquality mipmaps regardless of the luminance distribution of the original image.

Texture images other than the normalmap are converted from sRGB color to linear RGB color at the time of mipmap reduction, further converted to YCbCr color space and then reduced. When converting the reduced YCbCr color image to linear RGB color, the mipmap image becomes slightly darker than the original image by multiplying the double precision Y value by 255 and truncating the decimal point and dividing by 255.
This is a simple but very effective way.

2017/03/28 v1.20
Change method of endpoint processing in image reduction for mipmap generation.
Improve processing speed of image reduction.
Change the description of ini file to XML format. 

2016/05/01 v1.106
Fix an issue that a lower right one dot in the image is not handled correctly at the
DXTC decompression.
Recompile the libsquish.a library with appropriate compiler options.

2016/03/20 v1.105
Implement Average, Bicubic, Lanczos3 and Nearest neighbor method as resizing algorithm to generate the mipmap.
Detailed settings by the description of the sr2pegool.ini file is ready.
DXTC compression is now faster than the previous version.

2016/01/30 v1.103
Fix the bug that normalmap to tgn not work.

2015/12/21 v1.100
There is a important changes in this version.
Improved to correctly reflect the mipmap level limit to peg_desc file when you unpack the texture with limited mipmap level.
Please see the readme1.100.pdf for details.

2015/12/09 v1.021
SR2PegTool became a 64bit application.
SSE2 instruction set support.
Code optimization and minor bug fixes.

2015/08/08 v1.00
Improvements in this version
1. File format conversion
Add a function to convert the png image of general normalmap to png image of transparency tgn format.
This is an essential function in making a normalmap for SR2.
Converted <name>.png image is saved as the <name>_tgn.png.

2. Improvement of image quality in mipmap generation.
2-1. Texture image is automatically determined whether the normalmap (or tgn format normal map).
2-2. Add the brightness correction to the image reduction filter.
2-3. Apply unsharp mask processing to the reduced image.

It does not apply processing of 2-2 and 2-3 against the normalmap.

2015/06/29 v0.98
Fix DXTC compression crash when rebuild the files.
Add a command line argument /s (silent mode).
If you specify a silent mode, program without displaying the details of the progress and immediately terminated without waiting for a key input when the process is complete.

2015/05/14 v0.971
Fix ramdom crash in gpeg_pc viewer mode.
Change compression options of libsquish to squish_kColourIterativeClusterFit.
The best image quality is obtained, but the compression rate was slower than the previous version.

2015/05/08 v0.97
SSE is now available in this version.

2015/04/17 v0.96
Supports texture with multiple frames.
SSE is not available in this version.

2015/04/13 v0.95
Fix an issue that is not processed correctly if you set the MipmapCount to 0.

2015/03/25 v0.94
Sr2pegtool support SSE instruction set. DXTC compression speed is greatly improved.

2015/03/16 v0.93
Add some new rules to convert the PNG image to DDS when you re-package the texture.

2015/02/07 v0.92b
Add a way to create DXTC compressed texture without mipmap.

2015/02/06 v0.91b
Add R5G6B5 format support.
Fix some bugs.

2015/01 v0.90b (first release)



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