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SoloKiller's HLMV

A Modding Tool for Goldsource Engine


Version 2.9 Beta 004 - August 7th build 2mo
  • - Updated file to V2.9 Beta 004 (7.8.2020)
Check the change log in the description for more details..
Version 2.9 Beta 003 - April 26th build 3mo Improvement V2.9 Beta - March 28th build 6mo Feature Improvement V2.9 Beta (14.3.2020) 6mo Overhaul V2.9 Alpha 2 (13.3.2020) 7mo Overhaul

A Better HLMV

Half-Life Model Viewer 2.0 is a brand new tool based on HLMV 1.25 and Jed's Model Viewer 1.36 that provides an entirely rebuilt model viewer. Unlike previous model viewers, this tool uses a cross-platform GUI library, minimizes direct use of platform specific code, and is designed to allow for maximum code reuse.

Change Log since Beta 2.0:

Version 2.1 Beta (14.7.2017):

  • Upgraded FMod sound system from FMod Ex to FMod Studio (Thanks Joël Troch)
  • Fixed program icon not being used
  • Activated Windows XP support to prevent compatibility issues
  • Added global model flags control panel

Version 2.2 Beta (5.4.2019):

  • Upgraded wxWidgets to 3.1.2
  • (For developers only) Reworked wxWidgets library dependency lookup to find the installation automatically. This makes potential cross platform development easier
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to change skin families if the model has an external textures file (*T.mdl) (Thanks Marphy Black).
  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2017 targeting Windows XP with the v141_xp toolset

Version 2.3 Beta (6.4.2019):

  • Increased maximum texture dimensions to 4096

Version 2.4 Beta (6.4.2019):

  • Increased far Z value from 4096 to 16777216 (2^24)
  • Changed how the view is centered after loading a model to avoid putting the camera very far away from the origin, making the model invisible
  • Added a new option to disable rescaling textures to power of 2
Version 2.5 Beta (6.4.2019):
  • Added support for .dol files (PS2 Half-Life model format)

Version 2.6 Beta (14.5.2019):

  • Added read-only field to display pev->body value

Version 2.7 Beta (14.5.2019):

  • Fixed Test Origins values not applying to correct axes (thanks Marphy Black)
  • Fixed viewmodel origin being off by 1 unit in the Z axis (thanks Marphy Black)

Version 2.8 Beta (19.5.2019):

  • Properly open the save file dialog for screenshots, provide different extensions and a default filename
  • Infer screenshot extension from selected filename. Supported extensions are listed here:
  • Default file format for screenshots is now PNG
  • Use OpenGL viewport size to read & save screenshots
  • Set pack alignment to 1 to prevent padding from skewing screenshot result
  • Enable scrollbars in control panels when part of the control panel cannot be seen
  • Changed checkbox layout for the Model Display panel to avoid creating a vertical scrollbar when there would otherwise be enough space
  • Set correct OpenGL options when drawing axes
  • Add check to prevent crash if framebuffer creation is not supported
  • Rework UV render to texture code to eliminate need to use framebuffer

Version 2.9 Beta (26.4.2020):

- Project level changes:

  • HL_Tools project now uses C++17
  • Refactored the codebase: all libraries have been merged into HLMV, the SpriteViewer project has been removed
  • Updated CMake to use version 3.16, CMakeLists files now use more modern ways to define targets
  • Removed CString class (internal change, no change in program behavior)
  • Removed app system (previously used to load libraries)
  • Removed obsolete types and constants
  • Set floating point behavior to strict to ensure floating point operations such as texture color hue alteration works properly

- General:

  • The fullscreen window now uses the same 3D view as the normal window enabling it to share state such as individual hitbox or attachment drawing
  • Replaced FMOD with OpenAL Soft, AudioFile for wav file loading & Xiph libogg, libvorbis and libvorbisfile for Ogg Vorbis file loading to comply with FMOD non-commercial license clause 2 "FMOD Studio Engine is not distributed as part of a game engine or tool set;"
  • Reworked studio model loading code to use exceptions for error handling. More information is now provided when an error occurs, which should help identify the cause of the problem (which file, which type of error, etc)
  • Reworked studio model data storage to use smart pointers, which helps eliminate the possibility of memory leaks if an error occurs during loading
  • Fixed off by one bug in sequence file saving code (did not affect saved data, internal issue)
  • Fixed texture ids being deleted during texture replacement when they were still being used
  • Pressing F5 will reload the model, and reset all viewer state (saving viewer state is too complicated to change in 2.x)
  • The window position, size and whether the window is maximized are now saved and restored
  • The current camera and control panel are now saved and restored
  • Added support for Counter-Strike 9 way blends
  • The Shift + Mouse drag translation operation directions now work like they did in Jed's Model Viewer and earlier by default
  • Improved UTF8 filename support to allow loading and saving files that have Unicode characters in their paths, as well as UTF8 character handling in the settings file parser
- Options dialog:
  • Added options to invert the horizontal and vertical dragging directions in the 3D view
  • Implemented option to use a timer for frame logic. The timer based version has a much lower framerate but does not keep the CPU busy

- Control panels:

  • Improved control panel layout to reduce overall size
  • Added read-only textboxes containing QC strings for attachments and hitboxes
  • Moved the origin and scale controls to a new "Model Data" control panel
    • The Origin preview settings are no longer preview settings; they now modify all root bones allowing you to directly edit the model origin. The input values now map directly to the underlying values, previously X mapped to Z and Z mapped to -X
  • Moved the crosshair and guidelines display options to the "Model Display" control panel
  • Removed the Fullscreen panel and moved the button to the main control bar next to "Reset Light Vector"

- Model Display:

  • Fixed the "Show Normals" option not showing the vertex normals stored in the model
  • Added "Show Player Hitbox" option to draw a transparent green box showing the player hitbox (32x32x72)
  • Added buttons to center model on origin and to align on ground using the bounding box minimum from either the idle sequence if it exists, or the first sequence if there is no idle sequence

- Global flags:

  • Fixed typo in model flag "Rotate"

- Textures:

  • The default name for textures in the "Export Texture" file selection dialog is now the name used by the model for that texture
  • Added "Import All Textures" button that will import all textures in a selected directory that match the name of the textures in the model
  • Added "Export All Textures" button that will export all textures to a selected directory
  • Chrome textures can have an arbitrary size now (still needs engine support, only Sven Co-op supports it at the moment)
  • Fixed the mesh list not listing meshes for textures used as alternates only (e.g. scientist hands)
  • Added sliders and spinners to set the topcolor and bottomcolor values for textures that use Dm_Base.bmp or Remap hue alteration
- Sequences:
  • Added "Reset Speed" button to the Sequences panel to reset animation speed to the default setting
  • Added "Looping Mode" sequence option
  • Added "Restart Sequence" button
  • Added Duration sequence info
  • Added "Is Looping" sequence info
  • Added Activity & Activity Weight sequence info (Activity name is based on SDK values; mods may use custom compilers to produce different activity names, which HLMV cannot access)
  • Reworked the animation speed controls to use a spin control which acts as a framerate control, with a maximum of x10 (previous limit was x5). Pressing the up or down buttons, or using the up or down arrow keys will adjust the framerate by 0.1 second, pressing page up or page down adjusts by 1 second
  • Added sliders and spinners to control the blending values

- Attachments:

  • Attachment origins can now be edited in the Attachments panel. The "vectors" variables have been removed from this panel because the data is obsolete and never used

- Hitboxes:

  • Added the Hitboxes control panel; this panel allows you to view individual hitboxes and edit all of their data (which bone it's tied to, the hitgroup, and the bounding box)

Version 2.9 Beta 004 (7.8.2020):

  • Made sure the window position & size is restored before setting the maximized property to ensure the window is restored to the correct display when using multiple displays
  • Removed Refresh() call in C3DView::MouseEvents to fix animation framerate issue while interacting with the mouse
  • Made sequence event info panel panel grow to fit options string
  • Fixed incorrect grid column index for event info panel
  • Reworked save model feature to use separate dialog
  • Reworked SaveStudioModel function to use exceptions for error reporting
  • Added option to correct sequence group filenames embedded in main model on save (setting will be remembered)
  • Disabled GL_BLEND when drawing background texture to avoid leaking additive rendering state from additive textures
  • Ensured correct wxImage constructor overload is selected
  • Made image copying code easier to read
  • Ensured background images load correctly if image width is not a multiple of 4

Note: You should remove the old fmod.dll from any existing installation since it is no longer used. Also this release contains wxWidgets binaries that will not overwrite the older ones. Manually remove the old binaries from your installation if you do not want them to take up space.


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Tool


  • hlmv_standalone_v29_004.7z 2mo insert_drive_file Latest version - 2.9 Beta 004, April 7th
  • hlmv_standalone_16d61.7z 1y insert_drive_file Version 2.8 Beta (Outdated)

Alternate File Sources

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  • DnK2107 avatar
    DnK2107 Joined 21d ago
    When I open the program I get a blank screen, and when I load a model the same thing. I've already reinstalled the Microsoft Visual more than once but it still doesn't show anything. i have windows 10 pro x64 bits

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  • Agent3554 avatar
    Agent3554 Joined 4mo ago
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    Ohoho, this is interesting, I've been using Jed's for awhile, gonna try this.
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  • TheZombieDon avatar
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    I'm sleeping
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    Daaamn, if only this was use-able on the Source models to make my life easier lmao, but great job anyways
    [CS:GO Mod] Creator avatar
    [CS:GO Mod] Creator
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  • Ring-A-Ding Rampage avatar
    Ring-A-Ding Rampage username pic Joined 9y ago
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    Ring-A-Ding Rampage avatar
    Ring-A-Ding Rampage
    3mo 3mo
    It got updated on Apr 26 (May 5 is WiP build), might wanna post the updated version here.
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  • seedee avatar
    seedee username pic Joined 7mo ago
    Sapientia Studio Flag Affiliation: Sapientia Studio
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    seedee avatar
    Sapientia Studio Flag
    Sapientia Studio
    you may be able to flip normals and edit the uv map directly in 3.0
    Working hard or hardly working
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  • Jasper avatar
    Jasper username pic Joined 4y ago
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    It's so awesome, and easy to use, I instantly got used to it!
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    bad motherfucker
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  • chiefwby avatar
    chiefwby Joined 4y ago
    221 points Ranked 56,760th
    7mo 7mo
    i need   set righthand!!!  :D
    Focus on the third person weap avatar
    Focus on the third person weap
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  • GhostSnip avatar
    GhostSnip Joined 2y ago
    659 points Ranked 44,336th
    i like the free view/weapon origin stuff xd
    The ''Themed Skins'' Guy avatar
    The ''Themed Skins'' Guy
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  • hellmonja avatar
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    hellmonja avatar
    CS:GO Ports Flag
    CS:GO Ports
    Nice! I can finally sync the sounds to my heart's content without decompiling every time...
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    AMXX Gunsmith avatar
    AMXX Gunsmith
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  • mutan avatar
    mutan username pic Joined 2y ago
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    mutan avatar
    CSMI Flag
    What's the difference between Jed's and this one..?
    Beginner. avatar
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Key Author
Sam "Solokiller" Vanheer
Based-on Work
Jed's HLMV 1.3
Mete Ciragan
HLMV 1.25
Half-Life SDK
ID Software
Original Quake engine (id-tech 1)
FMOD (Pre v2.9)
Firelight Technologies
OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library (GLEW)
Nigel Stewart
Milan Ikits
Marcelo E.Magallon
Lev Polalahev
OpenGL Mathematics Library (GLM)
G-Truc Creation
Angelscript scripting language
Andreas Jönsson


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IDE Used
Visual Studio 2017
Compiled Language
Operating System
Development State
3D Art & Rendering


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