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Dying Light Manager

A Modding Tool for Dying Light


  • +Create a Backup of your existing Datafolder
  • +Share your Settings with your Friends, so you can play Online
  • +Import Settings of your Friends
  • +Disable and Enable Mods to switch between unlocked Online / Modded Version
  • +Added Injection again.
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  • +Replaced Structure to work with
  • +Complete recode of the whole Tool
  • +Safer use
  • +If you Reset the Settings, it won't show the "Data modified"-Info
  • -Fixed Bugs
  • +Smaller Filesize
  • +Faster and more accurate
  • +CA / ParticleFX should be removed correctly
  • +Performanceboost should be granted again
NOTE: Watchkey had been removed until FIX Also the Gamesettings Menu is gone until i reimplement The Tooltips are also removed for this Version (they'll come back soon)
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This Manager allows you to tweak Dying Light options

WORKS WITH ! NOTE: I strongly recommend to download this TOOL ONLY from Gamebanana, Nexus or Steam itself (Mediafire) - just from trusted Links and my Threadposts! Compatible with Windows x64-Bit Systems NOTE: If you already have Mods installed, BACKUP them! before using the Manager, - after you made your settings, you can apply them simply by copy&paste (if you have to overwrite existing Files, the Settings (indicated with the overwritten Files) will not work properly!) NOTE: If you made changes on the Gamesettings menu (like low textures, etc) DO NOT enter the graphicsmenu - it will reset the whole File. Blackscreen/Stuckscreen: If you experience this Problem while DISABLED Chromatic Aberration make sure your "Motion Blur" is turned ON at the INGAME-Settings If you don't like Motion Blur you can disable it via the Manager, Motion-blur has to be enabled ingame (while disabled Chromatic Aberration) - it won't be shown anyway if disabled at the Manager Don't forget it's an Alpha Problems occour and i'm trying to fix them as fast as possible! I highly recommend to keep the Old version, that worked fine for you, too if you experience Problems - Please let me know at the Posts Section! References: []( "") [GreenGamers]( "GreenGamers") / []( "") []( "") YouTube: Thanks to ZombieNation2012 => subscribe him VirusTotal: [Dying Light Manager - VirusTotal v0.10a]( "Dying Light Manager - VirusTotal v0.10a") Anyone rescanned an old.exe - it's 64bit no possiblity to get the 32bit dropper false positive. AVL - and just to say if people are still suspicious - don't use it - get used to hit and stop hunting ghosts -_- ---CHANGELOG--- at the Changelog Section



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    Hey, I was wondering if you could release a list of all your versions of the manager and their respectable download locations. I had 0.10c and it worked fine with update of the game and when I updated to 0.10d it broke my multiplayer and I can no longer play with my friends. I want to redownload 0.10c and play through that again but I can't find the download location it was at before. In fact, the place I went was actually the place that I downloaded 0.10c from and it had been overwritten with 0.10d. Please consider my suggestion to add download links to all versions of the manager, a lot of people might appreciate that. :)
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    Hmm, I don't think it's working properly, I have enabled MODS but when I launch the game certain things aren't working, for example the watch and penguins aren't disabling. Is there something else I need to do?


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