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Ninja Ripper v1.7.1 - A Modding Tool for GameBanana.


Utility to extract / ripping 3d models (mesh), textures, shaders directly from the running game.

current version: 1.7.1







Extracting all available vertex information of the models (position, all the texture coordinates, normals, weights, BLENDWEIGHT, BLENDINDICES, BINORMAL, TANGENT), indices, textures, shaders. Theoretically all extracted information could be import in the 3D editor!

Support for D3D11, D3D9, D3D8 (processed, however not all methods/techniques, but should work for 95% of all games).


• Target (DX8, DX9, DX11 application):

• Exe - field for a direct path for the executable file of the application/game

• Arg - field for additional settings for an executable file

• Dir - field for a direct path to the folder containing the executable file (entered automatically when you select .exe, no need to change by the default)

• No Wrapper - mode in which the ripper will try to run .exe of the application/game directly, using for ripping only intruder.dll, if this mode does not work (do not rip) then you need to select one of the wrapper modes!

• Wrapper modes - a modes in which ripper will copy d3dX.dll in to a folder containing the executable file of the application/game, after this ripper windows can be closed, then you can start the game from any location, copied d3dX.dll will automatically clinging into the game. Thus no longer need to run the ripper himself for this game.

• D3D8 Wrapper - for directx8 games only

• D3D9 Wrapper - for directx9 games only

• D3D11 Wrapper - for directx11 games only

You need to delete .dll from the game folder manually (if necessary), ripper configurations is stored in the registry from now on!

• RUN - button to start the application/game

• Output Directory (directory for saving ripped models):

• Dir - field for output folder (automatically entered), this folder can be selected manually, be sure that checkbox "Don't overwrite by EXE" is cheked

• Browse - button to explore folder with selected .exe file

• Don't overwrite by EXE - by activating this function, the choice of the executable file does not overwrite the output folder

• Settings:

• RIP - you can change rip button

• Forced to save (Textures) - activating this will forced saving only texture



IMPORTER (for 3ds max only)




to import models used 3ds max version 2009 and above. Importer can import models and uv-coordinates. Theoretically also possible to import any data saved into .rip files, including the weight of the vertices, these weights are used to link models and bones. The only question in the generation of the skeleton and its connection with the model (vertices).


• Source select (source selection and the import mode):

• Group - import group files

• Single - import single files

• List File - import files from list (not implemented yet)

• Input Dir/File - import source, the file or folder (depending on the selected mode)

• RIP File Nums - field to enter the file numbers to import (Group mode only), the input format is: 0-15, 589, 67

• Vertex Format (selecting the model building settings):

• Auto - mode to automatically identify groups of data (vertices, normals, uv-coordinates), will work for most games

• Manual - mode for manual definition of groups of data, you needed to import the models of the new games (mostly directx11)

• Position (x,y,z) - fields for enter data defining the position of the vertices of the model, even in manual mode these parameters in 99% of games will not change

• Normal (x,y,z) - fields for enter data defining the normals at each vertex of the model (not implemented yet)

• TexCoord (u,v) - fields for enter data defining texture coordinates of the model, one of the most important parameters. For games, wich model imports without a proper uv-coordinates, a pair of UV always choosing by search. At the time is Identified that pairs can not exceed number 50, that is can be 6-7 or 18-19 or 24-25 or 39-40 etc. In very rare cases, a pair of uv can be 3-4 or 4-5 or 5-6, which is within the "normal field of definition", as well as 8-6 or 12-11, which is at odds with common sense, but may still be.

• Tex.0 File Level - choice of a number of the texture, which applies to the model after import

• Scale - the scale of the imported model

• Rotate - turn imported model on the selected axis

• IMPORT - button to start the import process






English Instructions (author Tosyk)

Official website of the author:

The official support page:
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  • ZOXRULER77 avatar
    ZOXRULER77 Joined 1mo ago
    How do i use it. All i get is a Text Document on my side
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    Critter Joined 2y ago
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    Having an issue with the blender plugin to import. Using the version of Blender it told me to (2.8) It's still throwing me this error when I try to turn it on:
    Coffee Addict
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    Q and A mods Comic Mods Flag
    Comic Mods
    How do I find a specific model?
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  • dinoalexis avatar
    dinoalexis Joined 1y ago
    1y 1y
    Hi, Is it possible to extract models and textures from an arcade game using the demul emulator with ninja ripper?
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  • I have a BIG problem I did everything on youtbe tutorial step by step   but when I press RUN. game opens then it stays in loading screen. It loads endlessly. What should I do
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  • ricmetal avatar
    ricmetal Joined 1y ago
    1y 1y
    hey. how is it possible for a game to get it's models extracted well, during months, then when trying to extract after a few months, the models come out all gargled? what's most likely happening here? that the game was updated? windows drivers? i have the same ninjaripper version, as always, plus the importer is the same (for 3d editing) - basically the setup to edit the model is the same. anything different i can try to get these models? they're going right back into the map editor from the company that released the game (the editor is for a different game, just trying to get their previous game assets in there as well).
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  • Ghost1735946 avatar
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    how do you extract .exe files?
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  • God Eater Resonant Opsと呼ばれるゲームで誰かがレンのモデルを引き裂くことはできますか?
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  • cyberea avatar
    cyberea Joined 2y ago
    2y 2y

    As of version 1.7.1 four threats were found within the file archive, ninjaripper171.7z.

    • /x86/intruder.dll
    • /x86/injhelper.exe
    • /ripdump.exe
    • /x86/d3dwrap.dll

    Links to the site were screened and blocked by multiple security setup for malware threats.

    If you intend on using this software, it is advised that you do so within either a virtual machine that you can destroy once you are done or on a machine that you do not care about securing or intend to wipe once you are done.

    Either that or the developer can simply clean up the code and work to make freeware safe again, like back in the old days.

    If it is cleaned up, I would fully support and donate funds for the effort. Without, I resort to this light warning as it is suspicious at the very least.
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  • Rhocus avatar
    Rhocus Joined 2y ago
    I can't get the file to download correctly. It only downloads as a .7z file

    Anyone have any suggestions as to why?

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