Tool Box Lux RAD Editor v1.0

A Modding Tool for Goldsource Engine

This software allows you to edit .rad files and give to textures names color and intensity easily.

RAD EDITOR SCREEN ================= On the left you have a grid containing all the entries in a RAD file. When you select a row in this grid, either by clicking or using the arrow keys, the RGB color and intensity value are loaded into the editor on the right. To change the color, click the color box to open a standard Windows color picker. Use the edit box and +/- buttons to set the intensity. ALWAYS click the APPLY CHANGES button to set your changes in the grid! Use the FILE menu to load and save your RAD files. FILE MENU ========= Pretty standard stuff. Always uses the default directory you set in the Options dialog. EDIT MENU ========= **CUT** will copy the RGB and intensity values for the current row to the internal clipboard, and then delete the row. **COPY** just copies the RGB and intensity values of the current row to the internal clipboard. **PASTE** just pastes the RGB and intensity values on the internal clipboard to the current row. **INSERT** prompts for a new texture name, then inserts a row at the current position. The RGB and intensity values will be zero. **OPTIONS** opens the Options dialog. There is only one setting: the default RAD file directory (almost 100% of the time this will be your Worldcraft directory). TOOLS MENU ========== **IMPORT TEXTURE DUMP** imports a text file that simply has a texture name on each line. This is the exact format the Tool Box Map Text Editor (TBED) outputs. The RGB and intensity values will be set to zero. **CLEAR ALL TEXTURES** does just that - deletes all textures in the list. HELP MENU ========= **HELP CONTENTS** gives you this file (doh!). **ABOUT** launches the nifty About box.
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