GTA:VC FPS Limit Adjuster

A Modding Tool for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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GTA: Vice City Frame Limit Adjuster Extract the FrameLimitAdjuster_VC.exe file to any path you wish on your computer. Execute it. Follow the instructions given on the program's window. This tool will work with single player Vice City. This tool will work with Vice City Online (VC-O), VC:MP, and MTA: Vice City, but may cause desync amongst your player peers, so be careful. COMMON ERRORS - If the application fails to run / fails to initialize properly, download the .NET Framework 3.5 [here]( ""). - If your game is running and you get an error saying that gta-vc.exe could not be found... 1. Try running GTA: Vice City as AN ADMINISTRATOR in Vista. 2. If the first method fails, try changing the compatibility mode of GTA: Vice City. CREDITS Created by ReGeX for exclusive use by GTA: Vice City users. Special thanks to DECEiFER for coming up with this ingenious idea, making the icon, and for providing ReGeX with the tool's usage instructions. Extra special thanks must go out to Rockstar, who in all their wisdom, figured that 30 FPS would provide for an adequate gameplay experience.



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