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Reconnect emulation

A Modding Tool for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Missing "reconnect" and "retry"? Try this application!

Reconnect Emulation for CS:GO (ConDeamon) ========================================= UPDATES ------- _**Update v1.0.0.2**_ - Added /skipcheck parameter (skips the check whether the game is running or not) - Added Steam existence check - Added CS:GO existence check - Adjusted max length of ip+port string _**Update v1.0.0.1**_ - Added the possibility to run the daemon from any dir (scripts need to be copied to the csgo/cfg dir though)   INFO ---- **Short Info:** > Reconnect daemon emulates the "reconnect" and "retry" command for CS:GO by reading condumps and converting them to a ready to use connect.cfg file. > This connect.cfg file allows you to use the reconnect/retry command in the server where you initialized the script. please watch the instructional video! **Installation:** Place contents on rar file inside: X:\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive You can make a shorcut to Condeamon for easier access **Usage**: - Run the ConDaemon.exe file inside the CSGO Folder - Run CS:GO and connect to a server - If you want to reconnect press Keypad 5 first, now it will disconnect and open the console - Now enter either "reconnect" or "retry" and you will rejoin the server [Watch the HQ YouTube Video]( "") (note that the version in the video is



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    I've seen people add the command itself into the console, if you could do that, and create a CS:GO copycat shortcut that starts both CSGO and this application at the same time, and then have it as a HL Console command, kind of like what HLDJ can do, then you'll make this a very popular modification. Or better yet, remove the application part of it itself and simply have it as a configuration file.
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    Lol, I just noticed a typo in the screens (so also in the ConDeamon), I guess will do the math ;)


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