TF2 Bucket Style Icons

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##This is for 3dsmax only.## Users of 3dsmax can use this to render TF2 backpack icons in the style of the original bucket icons with more defined light falloff. This can be done in model viewer as it normally is but there is no proper support for doing so and the mask needs to be made which is never perfect. The icon created will look much better when transparent as none of the edges will bleed into the background and the mask will be 100% accurate. Download includes the 3dsmax scene file. Compatible with 2008 and up. No third party plug-ins/scripts required. **Instructions** 1. Open (ignore texture warnings), delete placeholder, import or merge model and centre it the grid if it isn't already. 2. (Optional) Reposition the Omni light to how you want it. Will only affect phong. 3. Open the material editor and change the two materials in 'Falloff' to yours and change the mask. If you don't have one right click on it and click 'Clear' or untick it. You can add a Bump map if you want although they sometimes make the light edges look more jagged. Just remember to use Normal Bump and check as Tangent. 4. Change angle of perspective view or rotate model to how you want it to look and hit F9. You can adjust the render settings to how you like and include more advanced lighting if needed. NOTE: Remember to save render as TGA 32-Bit otherwise the alpha mask will be lost. It is also best to render both the 512x512 and 128x128 by changing the output size instead of rendering the 512 and then re-sampling it to 128.



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    are you a wizard?


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    Woops, I meant to say 'Merge' instead. Some people may need to use import though if it's another format.
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    import model

    what model?
    sentry sapping my spy!
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    > **Posted by BrainZ**

    > This will come in handy. The falloff you set looks a tad too sharp if you ask me though.

    It is sharp but then I wanted it to be. The original bucket icons had sharp light falloff. Anyone who wants softer light can easily adjust as they wish.
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    This will come in handy. The falloff you set looks a tad too sharp if you ask me though.


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    This will Help TF2 Skinners Alot.


    hl2.exe has stopped working


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