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Half-Life Sprite Viewer

A Modding Tool for Counter-Strike 1.6

Sprite Viewer

Half-Life Sprite Viewer v1.05 Beta

Written by David Flor (a.k.a. Nighthawk)
  (c) 1999, Mach III Enterprises

Release Notes:

Well, creating this application was easier than I thought... It works for
all the sprites I checked in Valve's PAK file.

DirectX 3.0 is required.

Version History:

- Now when you "Save Sequence", the program asks you if you want to create
  a ".qc" file as well. The file created may not always be 100% compatible
  with certain sprites in that the result might not match the original,
  but it is compatible with Valve's "sprgen" utility.

- For "Play Once", instead of using the period, I made it "Ctrl-Space".
  The period in the menu was apparently too hard to see, and some people
  complained that it didn't have a hotkey.
- Menus are corrected
- The "Sprite Information" dialog now includes the transparency mode of
  the sprite.

- An "Open" dialog.
- A "Save BMP" option, which saves the current frame.
- A "Save Sequence" option, which saves all the frames in the sprites,
  adding on three digits to the end of the filename.
- A "Sprite Information" dialog, just shows you the size (in pixels)
  and total number of frames.

- The "Speed" dialog is now "Ctrl-P"; the "Save BMP" option is now
  "Ctrl-S". Figured the program wasn't out for long enough to
  aggravate anyone because of this change
- Fixed crashes with certain sprites in the Half-Life PAK file

- Apparently, at least as it appears on my 3Dfx adapter, all graphic
  depths are fixed. 24-bit looks sweet. Couldn't test 32-bit at home
  because I don't have that option.
- Variable size sprites ("320_pain.spr", for instance) are now supported.
- Now instead of animation speed in milliseconds, I'm using "frames per
  second" (recommended by "Autolycus" from the "Half-Life Editing Resource
  Center" at ""... thanks!)

- Supports 16-bit and 32-bit flawlessly, 24-bit has been theoretically
  implemented but not tested. 8-bit is extremely screwy and may not
  draw properly. Who uses 8-bit these days anyway?

- It's a very early Beta, and works only in 8-bit (not very well) and
  16-bit color space. My office development machine doesn't support 24-bit
  space (jumps straight to 32), so I'll have to test that some other time.
- Doesn't support what are seemingly referred to as "SPR_GROUP" frame
  types. Documentation is sketchy on these things...
- You can't open files from within the program; expect a future one to.


Double click on a sprite and tell it to use this program. This program
could be in any directory.

Once in the program:
<Space>:        Stops playback and cycles through the animation frame by
Ctrl-<Space>:    Play sprite once, then stop
<Enter>:        Resume normal playback
Ctrl-P:            Set the delay (in milliseconds) between each frame
+ / -:            Zoom in / out

Ctrl-O:            Open a sprite
Ctrl-S:            Save current frame as a bitmap
Ctrl-Shift-S:    Save numerical sequence of bitmaps
Ctrl-I:            Sprite Information dialog

Comments / Suggestions:
Send EMails to ""

Also, visit Mach III, the Mecca of Half-Life Development at


I'm not asking for money, but if you like the product and are feeling
particularly generous, send any donations of any amount to:

    Mach III Enterprises
    8107 S.W. 72nd Avenue, Suite 313E
    Miami, Florida 33143

Tnx & Rgds...
David Flor, aka Nighthawk
Mach III Enterprises


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