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EntSpy 07

A Modding Tool for Counter-Strike: Source


Entspy is program for viewing and editing the entities of compiled map (.bsp) files for Half-Life 2 Source Engine games (HL2, HL2DM, CS:S & VtBM). Installation and Running ------------------------ It requires the Java Runtime Environment 5.0 (aka 1.5.0) which can be downloaded from this page: By following the "Download JRE" link, or directly from: Place the entspy.jar file anywhere convenient, such as your compiled map directory. To run the program, double-click on the entspy.jar file. If Java is installed correctly, the program will run. You can also run the program from the command line with the command: java -jar entspy.jar For more information, see Update v0.7 23 June 2005 A minor update that fixes a rare file corruption error. Update v0.6 31 May 2005 This update adds a "Map info" menu item that shows information about the map file most recently loaded. The map saving routine is also changed. On saving a BSP file, Entspy may now ask you to decide whether to save an optimised version of the map, or a version which preserves the map's checksum. Preserving the checksum will cause the map file to waste a certain amount of room on disk. You should use the first option (save optimized) if you are editing your own map to tweak entity options. You should use the second option (preserve checksum) if you wish to, for instance, add spawnpoints to an existing map. Using the preserve checksum option should allow server owners to run maps with altered entities, without requiring clients to download the altered version of the map. If, when saving the map, no option is presented, the map file structure is stored so that the the checksum is already preserved. Using Entspy ------------ Once a bsp file is loaded, the window show two halves. On the left is a tree-type list of all entities in the map, starting with the Worldspawn entity. Entities which are parented are shown as children of the parent entity. Selecting an entity in the list shows the properties of that entity on the right side of the window. The four principal entity properties (classname, targetname, parentname & origin) are shown at the top, with the complete list in the table below. A property and its value can be edited by clicking on the table entry or in the top four properties. (Note that no changes to the map are written to disk until the Save BSP menu command is performed.) The Link column shows an arrow if an entity property contains the targetname of another entity. Click the arrow button to jump to the linked entity. The File menu allows the loading and saving of map files: Load BSP loads a new map file, discarding any changes in the current map. Save BSP saves the current map file. If you choose the overwrite the current map, a backup file (mapname.bsp.bak) will be created. Quit to exit Entspy. Under the entity list, there are several controls: The textbox and adjacent Find button finds entities that match the typed text. The entity classname and targetname is searched for. Press Find again to find the next match. The Update button updates the entity list tree structure and inter-entity links if any changes have been made (e.g. targetnames or parentnames altered). The Add button adds a new entity to the list. The Copy button adds a copy of the currently selected entity to the list. The Delete button deletes the selected entity. Under the entity properties, there are controls related to that entity: The "Linked from" control shows a list of all entites which link to this one. Select from the drop-down list and press the arrow button to go to the linking entity. The Add button adds a new property line to the entity. The Copy button copies the selected property line. The Delete button deletes the selected property line. Entspy v0.7 23 June 2005


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  • GuitarZero avatar
    GuitarZero Joined 11y ago
    would this work if I wanted to change the lighting in a map? like if I wanted to makea night version of a map, or changed a dynamic light color?, or would it just screw up the lighting?
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  • Drige$$ avatar
    Drige$$ Joined 10y ago
    ehhhh.... that not found:/
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    Kosai106: Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can't open .BSP files in Hammer. This tool is so that you can change entity attributes within already compiled maps (.BSP files), this is useful because it allows you to port maps over from other Source games (e.g. porting a map from CS:S to DOD:S). Hope that helps.
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  • Kosai106 avatar
    Kosai106 username pic Joined 13y ago
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    Avenger Corp.™
    Why would anyone even use this, when they can see the entities inside Hammer?
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    Former super moderator
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